Mean Girls: The Original Queen B's Exposed

By Rebecca, age 20, Wisconsin

It's no secret that high school girls are having some of the roughest times ever. For some what used to be a great place to socialize with friends has turned into a recurring nightmare. It seems today if you're not popular you're considered an outcast. Of course, that's what they want you to believe.

Over the past few years I have been noticing more and more movies coming out on this matter, and each time girls seem to get more vicious. Not only are they more vicious, but also alarming is the number of young women getting sucked into this behavior. The need to be popular and accepted is so huge that young women find themselves doing things they would never in their right minds do. Girls are being left with ultimatums - either you do what you are told or you don't join. A fact every girl in her right mind knows is that if she doesn't do what's being asked - well, she might as well just sentence herself to a year of cruelty and rejection. The power that these Queen B's have is so amazing that whatever they say is treated like law. They have the power to basically make someone's year great or else make their life hell. They have the power that other girls and even guys give them, not because of some vote, but because of everyone's desire to maintain status with the main Queen B and have the satisfaction of knowing they're not the target.

Who is a Queen B, you might ask?

The Queen B is that girl everyone loves to be around, the one who seems fun to be with, who occasionally will favor someone with comments - all, of course, in her intent to draw them in. Though she seems nice, she's the one with the power to make or destroy anybody. She doesn't have to use big announcements or a banner to exclude you - a simple gesture can do that. But what makes her even more dangerous is the pack of girls behind her that carries on all the dirty work.

So how do these girls bully others?

They attack the emotions, the part of girls which at this age is way too sensitive. They make their victims feel all alone and unwanted by others. Here are some ways their behavior hurts a girl:

♥ Making prank phone calls or harassing her through emails

♥ Playing jokes or tricks to embarrass and humiliate her in front of others

♥ Leaving her out of everything, causing everyone to ignore her

♥ Whispering in front of others with the intention of making her feel excluded

♥ Name calling (especially referring to the physical)

♥ The spreading of false rumors

♥ Faked friendship

The reason why these tactics are so effective is because they directly attack the emotional state of mind. Young women today are so caught up in what they look like - either they are pretty or not. So this a great advantage to anyone who wants to harm them.

This message is to anyone who is going through this. Hopefully my signs helped you in recognizing similarities in people you know. Take it from me who almost got caught up with these kinds of girls. To think that I may have become one of them makes me sick, but on the other hand I am happy that I didn t, because now I can value everyone for who they really are.

What I am writing comes from what I saw. These are the tactics really being used. Young girls who are being attacked, listen to me right now. Don't believe anything that they say about you. They will do and say whatever to break you, and if you let them they will succeed. You have to understand why they might be attacking you. It's probably that they feel you pose a threat, and that's just jealousy. If you stand firm and show them that they can't break you they'll eventually know they are not going to succeed. I'm not saying they will quit right away - they thrive on challenges. But girls, continue to be strong and let them know that nothing they say is true or has weight. Prove to them that you are way better than them.

I'll leave you with one of my favorite quotes from a movie called Odd Girl Out from Lifetime. "You have nothing that I want." This comes from the character Vanessa after confronting her bully. The reason I chose this quote is because when you know what you want in life you won't pursue people who only strive for garbage. In the end we have to remember that only we have the power to make or break our own selves. Never let anyone have and keep power over you!!!

When you brush off the negative things, they lose complete power over you, and then the only one in control is you!!!

Keep strong, babes!!!! Until next time!

Muchooooo love & Rebecca

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