Cheating My Way through Summer

By Shanna, age 17, California

Whoever knew 'that guy' you secretly liked in class would turn out to be your summer fling? What about cheating on your boyfriend with 'that guy'? Little did I know my summer would consist mainly of sunscreen, flip flops, shades, and 'him'. As much as I liked the sound of it at first it turned out to be a nightmare.

Travis was perfect - tall, a muscular build, a perfect tan, and the most beautiful shade of gray eyes I had ever seen on a guy. A perfect mix of Indian and Greek - a Drake lookalike (lol). I thought I was falling in love all over again.

Travis had everything a girl could want in a potential boyfriend. A car, two jobs, a nice personality, a sense of humor, and respect toward women. He was almost as perfect as my boyfriend, whom I had already met. It sounded too good to be true. I had never experienced a feeling like this toward anyone. It was so enticing. I knew if I let his interest go elsewhere I would never experience what being close to him was like. It felt so good to be rebellious - my friends did it all the time. Nothing wrong with male friends, right? As crazy as it was, my boyfriend and Travis were friends. Not close, but they played on the same football and basketball teams at school. I know, crazy, right?

We started off texting. But I wanted more as time went by. Texting turned into phone calls, and calls turned into hanging out whenever one of us was not at work. Little did I know, but the more we hung out, the more my boyfriend began to get suspicious of me.

One day, I was over my boyfriend's house AIMing Travis when I slipped up and did the most retarded thing ever. I left my cell phone on the couch while I used the restroom. My eyeliner was smudged and I just could not get the perfect cat eye, which took longer than normal for some reason. My boyfriend read every AIM, every text, and every call. I got the surprise of my life once I got out of the bathroom.

I walked into the room happy, settling down for a kiss, when the phone was shoved into my face. Confused, I snatched it and looked at the screen which showed our open conversation. Before I could plead my case he began yelling at me. As surprised as I was, in some sort of way, I blacked out and saw myself looking in at what was happening.

He broke my phone in half and punched a hole in the closet door which shattered from the impact of his fist. Scared, I began crying uncontrollably, even though it did nothing but make him even more upset. Then the arguing began. All I remember was crying and being held down because he would not let me leave. What could I do or say that could make it any better? I had placed our relationship and friendship in jeopardy to have an outside fling because I couldn't stay away from temptation.

Just when I thought it was over he grabbed his car keys and furiously walked to the door. In pursuit I followed and asked him where was he going. He replied with a brief glare, which scared the noodles out of me, and said he was going to Travis' house. I followed after him, careful to stay far enough behind and out of hitting range, just in case.

He jumped into his car and sped over to Travis' house, parked on his front lawn, and bammed on the door, the disturbance causing his neighbors to come outside. Scared, I jumped out of the car and began to walk toward the porch when Travis stepped outside. All I saw was Travis step into a punch to his lower jaw which exploded with blood everywhere. My boyfriend just kept hitting him, and the more he hit him the more blood I saw. He was no match for my boyfriend who was obviously more built and much stronger.

The next thing I saw were flashing red and blue lights. With all my strength I got my boyfriend off of him, and snatched the keys from his pocket and pulled him back to the car. I thought Travis would die as he lay on his porch bloody, broken, and coughing, but at that moment I did not care. All I realized was how much my boyfriend really cared and didn't want to lose me. So, like a good girlfriend, I got him away from the scene and safely home. There we talked more, and he apologized for his behavior. Afraid, I cried, as we lay there waiting for the police. They never showed.

To this day we are still together, working through our issues like adults. Sadly, he doesn't trust me as much as before. He doesn't want to admit to this, but his actions say another thing. No, girls, he never hit me, even though I thought he would. Travis is ok, and we're still friends. (wink*wink).

All I know from this experience is that, no matter how much of a friend a guy can appear to be, are they worth losing what you've worked so hard for? For me, it wasn't worth the scare, and I will never do anything like that ever again. Cheating my way through summer, or anything else in life, will never get me anywhere.

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