Summer Love

By Dhvani, age 14, Oman

Summer love? At least one summer during your teens you find someone of the opposite sex you like a lot, and want to have a thing with them. But does it always work out the way you want? Of course not. You can't always have things your way!

I'm just a regular 14 year old teenage girl who loves and hates her summers. 'Loves' because I get to have a lot of fun, and 'hates' because I don't get to see my friends then. Well, this is one of the best summers I've had so far. I too have had a guy during my summer vacation. Being a teen is one of the best things in the world to every kid, isn't it?

It all began when I started to attend photography sessions since I had nothing to do all day. I signed up for it and so did my friend Pankhuri. We've been friends for quite a long time. I had no idea who else had signed up for the photography sessions. My friend and I were pretty excited about the whole thing. Then came the first day of the session, and we all got in class, and the teachers introduced themselves. As the teachers finished introducing themselves, at that moment entering the room was a boy who looked just absolutely amazing to me - he was tall, slim, well-built, dark brown haired ... I just stared at him until he got into the classroom and sat down on a seat next to me.

As he sat down on my left, my friend was sitting on my right. I elbowed her and whispered into her ear telling her that "he's the one!" She looked at me and then at him, and she looked back at me again and just smiled. After a while, I looked at him. When he looked back I quickly turned away from him, looking at my notepad and pretending to take notes, then I heard him giggle in the background and my heart fluttered. This was when I found out what "fluttering of the heart" really meant.

During the session I kept on looking at him at certain intervals. At the end of the teaching part we all sat in a circle on our chairs and were told to introduce ourselves. A girl named Sasha started. The next person's name was Harry, then Mara, Harold, Kumar, and Arwa. Then it came to the boy who was sitting next to me. I thought he was totally adorable, and it was his turn. His name was Robbie. Then came my turn, Dhvani, and then my friend, Pankhuri.

As we all finished introducing ourselves, the time was up and our session for the day was over. We all went home. When I got home, I sat online and was talking to one of my friends from school and I was on Facebook. That day I was just so happy and couldn't stop smiling, I kept telling myself that "he's the one, he's the one."

Then came day two. Pankhuri is, like, a serious photography person, but I'm not that into it. That day Robbie never showed up to class. I was pretty upset, and Pankhuri tried to cheer me up, but nothing worked. At the end of the session we were told that the next day we are going to be taken to some places to start taking pictures for the exhibition that was going to be held in a week's time. When I got home, I ended up watching a movie, Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging, which actually turned out to be the cutest movie I have ever seen, and it cheered me up.

Day three, I went to the session and Robbie showed up. After everyone was there we were all given a small piece of paper that had names of the tutors we were going to be with. It was, like, one tutor for three people. Pankhuri, Robbie, and I were each given pieces of paper with the same tutor on it. I was really happy that I had Pankhuri with me and kind of shy that we had Robbie with us. As we walked out of the class to the minivan, we all tried to fit in it somehow, and fortunately we did fit in.

After 10 minutes we reached Mattrah Souk, which is a market where you can find Omani dresses, jewelry, khanjars, and things like that. It's a very well known market. We were there for almost an hour. Pankhuri, Robbie, and I got to know each other better and had fun together. The day was over pretty fast and by the time I got home it was 2:30 in the afternoon.

For the next couple of days, we went out to different places, and Pankhuri, Robbie, and I became good friends. I was really happy! About four days after that I found out that Robbie had started to like me, and I was really happy, as well as nervous. After that was the exhibition, where Robbie met my parents, I met his, and our parents met each other. My parents liked Robbie. At the end of the exhibition Robbie and I exchanged phone numbers and email addresses.

We kept in touch, and one day Robbie asked me if I wanted to go to the movies with him. I asked my parents, and they didn't mind, but they didn't want me to go alone, so I decided to take Pankhuri and her boyfriend along with us. On a Wednesday evening, we reached the cinema, bought our tickets, got some food, and went to watch the movie. Pankhuri and her boyfriend sat far away from Robbie and me. I enjoyed the movie and so did Robbie. He tried 'the move' on me, and in no time he had his hand on my shoulder.

After the movie was over we said our good-byes and went home. Pankhuri and I had a long talk on MSN that night. Pankhuri, her boyfriend, Robbie, and I kept on meeting up a lot, and that way Robbie and I got closer and closer every time. The four of us went out together a lot, and then one day Robbie told me, "Uhh, Dhvani ... Will you go out with me?"

I was just staring at his face with my mouth wide open, and after a couple seconds, I replied, "Robbie, I don't know. I don't really think my parents would agree to it. I too would love to go out with you. I'll talk to them tonight and let you know tomorrow!"

On the way I was thinking about what should I tell mum and dad, and how. After dinner, I made them sit down on the sofa and talked to them. They replied, "Dhvani, Robbie seems like a really nice guy, and we wouldn't mind you going out with him." I jumped up with joy, then my parents continued, "But you know your limits; make sure he respects you and doesn't do something wrong!" I promised them that nothing would happen between Robbie and me, maybe just cuddling and walking hand in hand.

The next day when I told Pankhuri about Robbie asking me out she was really happy that he asked me out, and she also was happy that my parents had agreed to me dating Robbie. Finally, Robbie and I went to the movies all by ourselves, just the two of us. It was like heaven to me. We walked hand in hand and cuddled - it was totally amazing! In fact, Robbie was the first official boyfriend I've ever had my whole life, even though I'm 14.

Things just got better for me. Robbie came over to my place and then I went over to his. I met his friends and he met some of mine. On a Wednesday, just the two of us went to PDO Club (Petroleum Development of Oman). I found out that he had an aptitude in skateboarding, and I'd always wanted to learn how to skateboard. He taught me the basics, but when I would try them out, I'd always fall down. I am bad at skateboarding. After about an hour of him teaching me how to skateboard I gave up and we went for a walk on the beach. After a couple of minutes, we sat down on a table, and Robbie said he needed to talk to me. I sure was worried. I had all kind of thoughts in my head, like, Is he going to break up with me? Does he like another girl? Is there something wrong with me?

He saw that I was worried, and told me, "Dhvani, calm down. I'm not going to break up with you and I don't like any other girl!"

I was, like, "Hey, how did you know I was thinking that?"

He said, "I don't know. I'm just guessing because that's the kind of thought girls usually get in their minds when their boyfriends say they need to talk to them!!" We both giggled. He began talking again. "Dhvani, my dad got a call from his boss last evening before I got home saying that he's transferring my dad to Canada, and to start getting packed. We're leaving in a month's time. Dhvani, I'm really sorry. I didn't even want to tell you now, but I did because I know that it's going to be hard for you and me if you found out later on. I'm really sorry, Dhvani. I love you!"

I just was sitting there staring at his face with my mouth about 5 cm open and slowly the tears started coming out of my eyes. Robbie just pulled me to himself and hugged me tightly, and kept on saying, "I'm really sorry, I love you!" I finally hugged him back, but I was still crying and couldn't stop. After about 10 minutes I finally pulled away slowly, clearing my eyes, and then I looked at him. I could see the tears in his eyes. He started talking again, saying, "Dhvani, I don't want to go away. I want to stay here. I have you and my friends!"

I finally said, "Robbie, I don't want you to leave either! I love you, and you are the first guy I've really had so much feelings for. Can't you stay? Isn't there anything you can do?"

He replied softly, "Dhvani, I'm sorry. I can't do anything. I tried everything I could. I even asked my friends if I could stay with them for maybe three to four years, and they didn't mind. I told my parents, but they weren't ready to agree."

After quite for a while I got up, held his hand, and said, "Let's go on walking!" I smiled. He smiled back at me and got up. Like always, we walked hand in hand, but this time it was on the beach. All of a sudden Robbie said, "I want to enjoy every minute I have left with you and my friends in Oman. I don't ever want to forget any of you guys!"

I replied, "Don't worry. I will I make sure you enjoy every minute!"

Later on, when I got home, I got a call from Jack, one of Robbie's friends, saying that he was organizing a surprise farewell party for Robbie at his place one week before Robbie leaves, a Sunday, at 5:30 in the evening, and he wanted me to come. I agreed to go. Till the party Robbie and I would have our last dates.

The Sunday of the surprise farewell party, one week before Robbie was leaving, came quickly. I went over to Jack's and there were about 20 other people in the living room. Around 5:45 in the evening, Robbie entered the house and we all screamed, saying, "SURPRIIISSSE!!" He just stood there staring at all of us, then he eventually hugged everyone, including me, but I was last. The party lasted for three long hours. Everyone said their goodbyes to him, hugged him, and gave him cards, gifts, and other things. He told them all that he would never forget any of them. I went home too. That week I went over to Robbie's to help him and his parents pack up things. It was fun!

The day came, a Sunday, one week after his farewell party. This was the day Robbie was leaving Oman for good, and I wasn't happy. I went to the airport to drop him off. They checked in. We walked to the gate, after which only the passengers were allowed to go on, and the rest of the people had to leave. I said my good-bye to Robbie's parents, then I turned to him and hugged him really tight. We both started to cry because neither of us wanted to leave each other.

He pulled away, my face in his hands. I looked at him and he looked back. I said, "I'm really going to miss you, Robbie. Don't go! I love you more than anything and I always will!"

He replied, "Dhvani, I'm never going to forget you. And I've got something for you!" He put his hand into his pocket, and pulled out a box and opened it. In the box was a silver bracelet with some engraved text that said, I love you, and I always will.

I took the bracelet out of the box and put it on. I was staring at it with my mouth wide open, and I finally said, "Thank you. I love you too, Robbie!" He had my face in his hands again and pulled my face closer to his. I closed my eyes, and so did he, and we kissed. We pulled back after a couple seconds and cuddled each other.

He told me, "We'll still be in touch. I'll come online every day to talk to you and the guys."

I smiled back and said, "Thank you!"

Robbie's parents approached us and told Robbie it was time. We said our good-byes, and he walked through the gate. I turned and started walking away, and returned home still thinking about him.

To this day, we still love each other and always will. And he's promised me he'll come back to Oman to visit us all. We talk to each other every day, and sometimes he calls me up. We enjoyed every moment together, and now I can't wait for him to come back.

Yes, I know it's a story like you see in the movies. But that's just the way it happened! For all the teenage boys and girls who haven't had their summers when they've liked someone, don't worry. Soon it will happen to you.

And soon, I hope, for me also. I hope you all liked my story, but I need to tell you that it is not a true story ... at least not yet.

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