Chivalry Might as Well Be Dead

By Tess, age 16, Florida

Today, I saw a girl mocking a mentally disabled kid blatantly to his face. Monica* laughed as he talked and brought him over to a table of girls. While snickering in the most obnoxious way possible, she said, "Hey girls, who wants to go on a date with this sexy catch?"

The boy stood there excited, with a large childish grin on his face. He examined each and every girl's face, oblivious to the fact that he was being mocked. The girls stared up at Monica with disgust as she stood confused, wondering why everyone else wasn't joining in on her fun. He was waiting for a response, waiting for the girls to jump up and scream their love for him. He didn't know this was all a joke; he didn't understand the looks of disgust on their faces. Monica then put her hand on Traci's shoulder, as if tapping her to urge her to join in on the fun. Traci yelled at her, telling Monica to get her hands off of her. Monica walked away without a word, as the boy followed, disappointed.

This scene made me sick to my stomach. I have never seen something so cruel happen right before my eyes. I was speechless, awed, and angry. A sick feeling found its way into my stomach, churning my insides, and sending a heat-like fire to my face. Monica had never been a close, personal friend of mine, but neither did I think she could do something so malicious and cruel. The worst thing about all this was the boy thought he had made a friend, a friend who would hook him up with a nice girl. He thought he had made a friend with all the people who mocked him and laughed at the way he talked. This boy believes he is a "ladies man". He believes he's popular, all because people find it hysterical to mock him with a fake friendship.

This is sick and I feel offended, as if this boy were someone close to my heart. No one should be mocked - ever. Whether you are mentally challenged, gay, overweight, physically disabled, or just your average Joe ... no one deserves such cruelty.

What is the point of having compassion and empathy for the world if the world just chews you up and spits you out? What's the point of trying to love and give everyone a chance if everyone is just going to mock you if they don't see you as their "perfect image"?

Guess what? You are ignorant. You are cruel. You are not perfect. No one is perfect, and if you think you are, then wake up. See the world as it is, and stop mocking those who cannot stand up for themselves.

Get over yourself and your ignorance.

* names have been changed

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