He Could Be The One

By Dhvani, age 14, Oman

He's got something special,
He's got something special,

I can hardly breathe somethin's tellin' me
Tellin' me maybe he could be the one

He could be the one, he could be the one
He could be the one, he could be the one

He could be the one ...

Even though I hate Miley Cyrus a lot, I sing to "He Could Be The One" all the time. Singing along to this song just makes me think about the guy I like, and maybe he could really be the one.

It was the 15th of April, 2010, a Thursday night, the night of Prom. My first ever Prom ... unbelievable, right? Sitting in front of my dressing table, staring at myself, I was thinking I do look good for tonight. "Whatever," I said to myself, and started doing my hair, then put on my sandals, and got in the car.

On the way to the Hyatt, I was in the car having a nervous breakdown. In the car next to mine were two boys from my grade. I started crying. I was scared, of course. I was probably the first girl from my family to ever go to Prom.

I just sat there, looking straight, tears rolling down my eyes. "It's okay, Dhvani, you'll be fine!" mum told me, trying to calm me down.

"MUM! It's PROM!! You want me to calm down. I'm freaking screwed!" I replied harshly.

"Don't worry, I'm sure you'll have fun! And if you're not enjoying yourself, call us and we'll come pick you up, okay?" she reassured me, stroking my hair.

"Mum, look ahead! We'll get into an accident! And okay, mum, I'll call if I'm not okay," I said, taking in deep breaths and releasing them.

When I got there it was 7:31 PM exactly. Yes, I timed it! I got out of the car, said bye to mum, and walked towards my friends. They looked at me. I approached Clara first; we hugged and said our hellos. Even though she's shorter than me, in the heels she was wearing I looked like a kid in front of her. So much for not wearing my heels. Then I said hello to Matt, Clara's boyfriend, and hugged him. "You clean yourself up pretty well, Matt," I told him.

"Why, I do. And you look very pretty yourself!" he smiled back at me.

I walked towards the others, said hello, and there he was - Drake. Yes, the guy I have a crush on. I just looked at him as he walked towards me. We hugged. "WOW! Drake, you ... look ... very, very pretty, I mean, handsome!" I stuttered.

"Haha, well, you look amazing!" he said back. We smiled and hugged again.

I had asked Drake to Prom, but he said no. He was going to ask the girl he likes to Prom, but never ended up asking her. I hugged the rest of the boys. As they were showing me the buttons on their shirts, Clara pulled me aside and said that it was time to go in. Excited, I walked beside Clara and Matt, talking to them and telling them about how scared I was.

We walked into the foyer, had our juices, walking around and talking to different people. It was fun, talking to new people. After half an hour, the cameraman came in, and we all rushed to get our group photos taken. As the girls in my group posed in our dresses and gowns, the guys fixed their bows to look amazing for the pictures. Then all the photos were done. A grade 12 student walked into the foyer, announcing, "Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to the ABA High School Prom 2010! It's time we get this party started!" Then the doors opened behind him. Epic, I thought to myself. Just like a Prom in the movies.

Everyone rushed through the doors and took their seats at the tables, along with the rest of their group. Exciting, isn't it? The DJ came out and got the music started. Some of the grade 11 kids went in first, and then we joined in. Being in grade 9, a sophomore in our high school, was not fun, but it was time right here and now for my fun at high school for the next four years to start.

Others joined in, and in half an hour everyone was dancing to the tunes, shaking their heads, jumping up high, and close dancing. Haha, typical Prom, I thought. Everything was going great, and then finally "Stereo Love" by Edward Maya and Vika Jigulina started to play. Clara and I looked at each other and started to jump and scream, singing and dancing to the song. All the boys in the group thought we were crazy. Of course we were. At dinner, I sat with everyone at the table eating the humus and rice and vegetables. Yum!

No dessert - I was too stuffed to eat any. Jane, Clara, and I ran off to the dance floor to dance again. Eventually the rest of the gang joined us. About 10:45, the 12th graders stopped us from dancing, as they were about to announce the Prom King and Queen of the ABA High School Prom, 2010. Of course, all Prom Kings and Queens were from the graduating class.

"Okay, so this year's Prom King is ... Max Clevis!" shouted Luka very loudly, even though he had a microphone in his hand. Max walked up on stage and Luka put on his crown. We all cheered and clapped!

"Okay, so now it's time for the Prom Queen. Okay, this year's Prom Queen ... Katie Whyte!" Luka shouted again. Katie walked up on stage, and again we all cheered, as the crown was being fitted onto her head.

It was now time for the "Spotlight Dance", when the Prom King and Queen had to have their slow dance together and everyone had to watch. Yes, boring ... but for some reason I found it very interesting. At the moment everyone started to go onto the dance floor and dance with their dates, that's when Drake asked ME to dance with him! Of course, I said YES! But we were only friends, really good friends, and I hadn't expected more than that.

We were slow dancing, when I said, "Drake, thank you so much ... this really means a lot to me!"

"Hey, no problem!" he replied. That's when it struck me - hard - that I really wanted to know who it was.

"Drake, you remember you were going to ask this girl to Prom? But you never ended up asking her?" I asked, smiling, dancing, my hands around his neck.

"Yeah, what about that?" he replied nicely.

"Who was that girl? And why didn't you ask her?" I asked him.

"Well, I was going to, but then I realized I didn't really like her," he said softly.

"Who was the girl though?"

"Dhvani, haha ... awh, you know what?! Forget about all that sh**! Just enjoy yourself right now!" he said, smiling big.

"Haha, okay!"

Then, as we were dancing, the music stopped. "OH, COME ON!!" everyone shouted. Luka came on stage and apologized, and they started playing another slow song. But this time, I asked Drake if he would dance with me. He said yes.

After a while, they started to play faster music again, and we all started dancing like crazy people again. In the group, I danced facing everyone when Drake came and stood next to me, and asked me to slow dance with him on a fast song.

I didn't know what to say. I said yes. As people watched us slow dance on a fast song, something made me feel I like him.

Mum and dad came and picked me up at 11:30, even though Prom got over at 12:00. Parents will always be the same. But that night, I was very, very happy.

A week of school passed, and everything was fine. Another week passed. A third week, and I decided it was time that I tell Drake what I really felt about him.

"Drake, hey! What's up? How was Biology class?"

"Hey! Haha, it was funny. We could possibly think of the sickest things and laugh out loud in class!" he said, laughing and smiling. And once again, his smile had made me feel I was in heaven.

"Drake, I have to tell you something," I said, looking down at my feet.

"Sure ... walk with me? I've got to go to the Admin anyway."

"Okay, lets go!" I smiled, and started to walk with him.

We climbed down the stairs, and outside into the heat. We walked towards the Admin. "So tell me, Dhvani, what is it?"

"I'll tell you on the way back to the lockers," I said.

We went to the Admin, where he paid his fees, and we walked back, just the way I imagined it.

"Um, Drake, well ... I've been meaning to tell you, but I never had the guts to tell you."

"So, tell me now!"

"Um, Drake, I know you might find this weird, but ... um ... I like you!" I said, blushing.

"Wait, did you just say that you like me?" Drake asked, confused.

"Um, yeah. Sorry!"

"Hey dude, don't say sorry! It's not your fault, I'm sorry I don't feel the same way about you. Oh my God, I feel like such an idiot!"

"No, it's not your fault ... sorry!"

"Don't apologize. Well, it's all me. I'm sorry I don't feel the same way about you."

"Well, whatever. But we're still friends, right? All good?"

"Yes! Of course, you're, like, one of my best friends here!"

"Awh, thank you, Drake!"

We stopped walking up the stairs and hugged. Then we went to the lockers. Everything was good that day. But the next day he was ignoring me.

A couple more days ignoring me and that was it - I'd had it. On Tuesday evening, I was online on MSN, talking to my friend Sarah. 'Drakeee-boyyy is online' appeared on the bottom right of my laptop screen.

MSN Conversation:

DhvaniiJ *freaaaaak!! Says: Hey Drakee :D

Drakeee-boyy Says: Heyy!!

DhvaniiJ *freaaaaak!! Says: Whatss up?

Drakeee-boyy Says: Ahh, just doing my chem. Homework ^^ it's annoying me.

DhvaniiJ *freaaaaak!! Says: Good thing for me, I don't take chem. ;)

Drakeee-boyy Says: Haha, Damn you. I know you don't take chem, it's sh** hard!!

DhvaniiJ *freaaaaak!! Says: Yah, I guess it when I see you and the rest get like a 3 on your tests! LOL.

Drakeee-boyy Says: Hahahahahah! True. ^^ but well, it is sortta fun you know.

DhvaniiJ *freaaaaak!! Says: Yeah, right! Anyways, um ... I need to talk to you! Like right now.

Drakeee-boyy Says: Um, okaaaaaaaaay! Go on then ^^

DhvaniiJ *freaaaaak!! Says: Drake, you remember how I told you on Saturday that I like you!? Forget it, I don't like you anymore. It was just a crush.


'cause it really bugs me how you ignore me when you promised me not to and since we're like friends.

I wanna get it all sorted out -.-

Drakeee-boyy Says: Umm, Dhvani! Chill, okay!

I'm not pissed or anything. And if I'm making you feel that I'm ignoring you, then I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you feel like that.

DhvaniiJ *freaaaaak!! Says: Daniel, like I said before, it's not your fault and so we're good!? Yeah?

Drakeee-boyy Says: DUDE? Good? We're better than good. And it's not your fault. So don't worry 'bout it!

DhvaniiiJ *freaaaaak!! Says: Haha, okay.

Well, anyways Drake, I gotta go. Dinner time :D WAAAAAAAAAAAAY. :p sorry.

Drakeee-boyy Says: Okay, LOL. Enjoy see you tomorrow. x

DhvaniiJ *freaaaaak!! Says: Byeeee! X


And yes, that was it. The end to all his ignoring me, and we're friends again. I do still like him, but according to him, I don't like him anymore. But right now, I'm happy for the way things are, and I want to leave it that way. He's always going to be the guy I'd like to call "That lad I've always had a thing for".

So I've finally come to the same conclusion I started with - maybe, just maybe, we can be together, and that would make my day. Someday. For now, I will simply say, "He Could Be The One".

"He Could Be The One"
by Miley Cyrus
Hannah Montana, Volume 3 Album

Smooth talkin', so rockin'
He's got everything that a girl's wantin'
He's a cutie, he plays it groovy
And I can't keep myself from doin' somethin' stupid

Think I'm really fallin' for his smile
Yeah, butterflies when he says my name

He's got somethin' special
He's got somethin' special
And when he's lookin' at me
I wanna get all sentimental

He's got somethin' special
He's got somethin' special
I can hardly breathe somethin's tellin' me
Tellin' me maybe he could be the one

He could be the one, he could be the one
He could be the one, he could be the one

He could be the one

He's lightnin', sparks are flyin'
Everywhere I go he's always on my mind and
I'm goin' crazy about him lately
And I can't help myself from how my heart is racin'

Think I'm really diggin' on his vibe
He really blows me away, hey!

He's got somethin' special
He's got somethin' special
And when he's lookin' at me
I wanna get all sentimental

He's got somethin' special
He's got somethin' special
I can hardly breathe somethin's tellin' me
Tellin' me maybe he could be the one

He could be the one, he could be the one
He could be the one, he could be the one

He could be the one

And he's got a way of makin' me feel
Like everything I do is perfectly fine
The stars are aligned when I'm with him
And I'm so into it!

He's got somethin' special
He's got somethin' special
And when he's lookin' at me
I wanna get all sentimental

He's got somethin' special
He's got somethin' special
I can hardly breathe somethin's tellin' me
Tellin' me maybe he could be the one

He could be the one, he could be the one
He could be the one, he could be the one

He could be the one

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