Not Just a Regular

By Katelyn, age 17, Canada

I was in my family studies class the other day when a girl decided to share her work story that had just happened to her. She is a pretty, blonde 17 year old girl and has a part time job, nothing different from anyone else. But while she was working, a customer that comes in regularly, about 60 years old, came up to her asking if they could talk. She got a funny feeling by the way he was talking, and she said, "No thanks," and then walked away and continued to mop the floor. She went into the girls' bathroom to mop in there, and when she came out he was standing in front of the door.

Once again, he asked her if they could talk, and once again she said no. Then he said to her, "I noticed that you don't have your car today. You need a ride home? I'll give you one."

She looked at him wondering how he knew what her car looked like. "No, I don't need a ride home. I have a car."

"Well, we still really need to talk. I'll be waiting for you in my car."

"No, we don't." She then watched him walk to the car sitting next to hers. She knew that something was not right, so she told her manager about what had happened, and then they called the store owner, who then called the police. The police came and arrested the man, and when the police officer came in he told her that if she hadn't called the police, he would have done something bad to her. Then the police officer went on to tell her that the man was a teacher at a high school!

I think it is very important that this story be told to any teenage girl who has a part time job. No matter what the age of a person or who they are you should always be watching over your back and not making the wrong decisions. If that girl would not have told her manager what had happened, then maybe the guy would have done something bad to her and she would have had to deal with it for the rest of her life. You always hear stories on the news, but when you hear a story like that firsthand it really affects you and makes you think. I was thinking, What would have happened it that were me? Would I have thought the same thing and told my manager? Or, would I have just thought it was nothing and let it slide?

I really think that nowadays we as girls need to really think about what our actions are and how they affect other people. Not every person out there is a good person, and even though you may want to have a positive outlook sometimes it can make you blind. No matter who you think you are with or who you think they are you should always be cautious about whom you choose to be around. In my story, it is about a man that the girl had never known, but that's not always the case; if you choose the wrong people then they can harm you very much. You may think the person you are with is fine and they would never harm you, but you have no idea what is going on in their head. Like I have said, you have to be cautious about whom you surround yourself with. You may think you can protect yourself from anyone or anything, but the fact is there is always someone who is stronger and faster than you, and the only way that you can truly protect yourself is with the people you surround yourself.

So many times I will hear girls saying on Monday morning, "That was such a good weekend, I don't even remember it!" I'm not the type to tell you not to go out and have fun, but there is the point of having fun and the point of blacking out. What happened during that time?? You have no idea and how can you ever truly find this out? There are a lot of people who would take advantage of a girl who is blacked out and easy to take advantage of. I was at a party one time watching a girl showing places that shouldn't be seen, and she didn't care when normally she would. I walked over to the group of guys standing around her in a circle taking pictures of her. I happened to know one of these guys and took his phone and deleted the pictures. Think about what will happen the next morning when this girl wakes up to pictures of herself on Facebook ...

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