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By Clarissa, age 21, Texas
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So, my boyfriend and I have been together for almost a month now. He lives in California, and I live in Arizona. We have been trying to work out a 'long distance' relationship. The problem is, he will text me, and be all sweet and lovey one day, but the next he will be a complete jerk! Sometimes he won't text me for 4 days straight! He totally gives me the silent treatment! And it hurts knowing that he knows he has the opportunity to text me, but he doesn't. If I text him during these 4 days, he will either barely say anything or never reply. It drives me crazy.

What makes it worse is that he blocked me on Facebook! I texted him asking what was going on, and the exact response was: "Oh, my brother knew we were talking, and hacked into my account, and blocked you." I mean, should I believe that?! Or do you think he's hiding something from me?! And when I tell him how I really feel, he gets all mad. I don't wanna lose him. I recently had a breakup with my ex, and I don't wanna lose someone else I love. Please help?!

Maddy, 14

Hey Maddy,

Long distance relationships are complicated. All relationships have complications, matter of fact. More so with long distance. Honesty, trust, and communication are really important because you are not getting that face-to-face time.

I am just giving you an opinion as an observer, and something does not seem right. Even if his brother blocked you on Facebook he has the ability to unblock you. As for him not texting you for four days straight, that would bother me as well. As women, sometimes we really forget how much power we have.

I will not tell you whether you should leave or stay, but I will give you some food for thought. People will treat you how you demand to be treated. If you are not saying how you feel or requiring more out of him because you are scared to lose him then you are thinking about it the wrong way.

My mother says it best: I would rather do bad by myself than with somebody else. If he is not treating you right then you have no obligation to put up with it. Love has its ups and downs but it should be a positive experience for both people involved. I would encourage you to have a straightforward and open conversation with him about your feelings to see if things change. But if things aren't going to change, don't be afraid to end a relationship that isn't healthy. Nothing good can come from something bad.


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All My Friends Have Boyfriends But Me

It seems as if all of my friends have boyfriends but me. My friend recently got together with the boy of her dreams, the boy she had been waiting for soo long. She was telling me everything about how sweet he was and happy he made her. But I'm single and I haven't had a good relationship. They were mostly just me calling him my boyfriend and him calling me his girlfriend. No talking, no texting, no dates - just labeling each other.

Well, my friend and her boyfriend broke up, and she was upset, and she's always venting to me how she feels, and I tried to explain to her that it's better to have loved and then lost than to have never loved at all. But she says it's hard for her, and I know it is. But I am the only one of my friends to not have been on a date or held a boy's hand, and listening to Cody Simpson's song "Summertime" makes me want a boyfriend.

No, I do not feel pressured into dating. I just really want a boyfriend, someone to call me babe or honey or something sweet, someone I can confide in, and go on a date with. I want to meet the love of my life.

It's obvious the boy I like doesn't return the feelings, but luckily we are close friends. I want to move on, but no guys really like me and I don't really like anyone else. But I want a boyfriend. When I confide to my friends on how I feel they tell me I don't need a boyfriend, and I know I don't NEED a boy in my life, I just want one. Pretty much I'm asking how I can find a boyfriend, someone I can confide in. Please answer as soon as possible.

Emily, 13

Hey Emily,

I actually went and listened to "Summertime" by Cody Simpson - it's pretty catchy. Songs like that are perfect when you have a significant other, not so much when you are single; it makes you think about the fact that you don't have someone to share it with at the moment.

No worries, one day you will! I don't think you go out looking for a boyfriend or chasing after a guy. The best relationships are random, ones that grow out of friendship and common interests.

You say you want to meet the love of your life. Give yourself time. You are still only 13 and you have the rest of your life to meet Prince Charming, trust me. I am 21 and still have not found that. Being single can be lonely, especially when your friends are involved in relationships, but life still goes on so live to the fullest. I would encourage you to spend time with friends and family, focus on school, and find a fun hobby. If you like bowling, take your friends and make it a group date. If you are into athletics, start going to the games at your school. I can't say these places will get you a boyfriend but you might just run into a hot guy who shares the same interest.

Remember, common interests are a great start to any relationship.


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