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By Jasmin, age 16, Indiana
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Now, I know school's officially in, as far as I know, pretty much everywhere, and we've all (hopefully) completely gotten over the unfortunate fact of summer being over. Now that it's been about a month, give or take in certain places and schools, just about everyone should have settled into a somewhat daily routine of school life and whatnot. However, this by no means suggests that you have to settle into a constant routine with your wardrobe. You definitely shouldn't already be stuck in a fashion rut, that's for sure! You can easily make a simple game plan for your week on the runway ... well, in the hallways!

When the week starts, since I am quite OCD, what I do is casually think in my head the "lay-out" of my outfits for the week. For example, Monday morning rolls around, and for some bizarre reason I'm in a particularly cheery mood, so I decide I'm going to dress up today and wear a cute little skirt or dress, and I'll plan accordingly from there what type of outfit I'll wear the next four days. Of course, I don't pick out the exact outfits, shoes, and accessories right there in my head in those few seconds. I just create a 'rough outline' for the week. Maybe dress up again on Thursday or Friday. Space those out with some shorts on Wednesday, and maybe a more casual outfit on Tuesday (which is usually my super-tired-cranky-I'm-going-to-stab-you-in-the-eye-if-you-look-at-me-the-wrong-way day). As for whatever's left, I'll hit the spectrum in between, not as casual as jeans and a tee, but not as dressy as a skirt or dress.

Now I know this seems like a bit much to run through your head on a Monday morning. That is why I have started this new system on Sunday night. Then I don't have to worry about having that two-second brain scramble for the week, and wind up wearing sweatpants the whole week just because of a bad decision on a manic Monday morning. Soooo, I suggest this rather organized method.

I know you're asking, "What do you do on Sunday when you obviously don't have a single clue how you're going to feel when you wake up?" Well, for that dilemma, my friends, "guess-timating," or gauging your level of tiredness or cheerfulness on a Monday morning will become a key part in this process! But a clue that you'll be dog-tired the next morning would definitely be staying up until two o'clock in the morning talking on the phone with your boyfriend, girls. ;) Because I know most of us, heck, probably about 85% of us, wind up staying up late on Sunday, but no matter what time you go to bed, you will still be unbearably tired the next morning and feel as if you only slept for about 3 of those 7-8 hours. Plus, I know this plan can help save time in the morning since you picked out your outfit the night before, which I know is nothing new to planners such as myself, but it'll be even easier that night when you pick the next day's outfit since you have that outfit outline in the back of your head.

So, instead of sitting in your room for two hours trying on a million different combinations in front of your mirror, you can narrow those 742,135,701,035 combos to about 10. And to demonstrate this whole idea, just so you guys don't think I'm a complete clean-freak crock, I'll showcase how easy and simple this can be.

Sunday Night

Feeling real relaxed and comfy. "Hmmmm, I'm thinking something equally comfortable tomorrow ... sweats? Nahhh, let's just get with some slacks." And the process begins. Quick! Cute shirt I haven't worn in a while! A plaid green, white, and black one! Pink flats possibly!?

Now Monday morning rolls around ... Oh man, I know I shouldn't have stayed up until midnight watching that show! But it was so interesting watching that girl addicted to eating drywall. I don't even feel like doing my hair, or putting these pants on either. Looks like I'll start the week with some basketball shorts! And at least a semi-decent t-shirt with flip flops. Yeah, yeah, that'll work, and I'll just put my hair up in a ponytail with a headband.

Now, I don't know about you, but that's what's usually going through my mind when I've had an (unnecessarily) long night. But try to at least stick with some variety, as in, not just basketball shorts or sweats when you're feeling lazy. Mix it up with maybe your most comfy pair of jeans or your favorite sweater that will maybe make you feel a bit less tired (if that's possible).

Available for $14.99 at or your local Dick's Sporting Goods store. Also available in pink.

Monday night

For sure you will get a great night's sleep since you're going to bed in an hour at 9, so you plan a really cute, dressy outfit. You look through your closet and spot an adorable dress you haven't worn in a while. It's even appropriate for the weather since it has sleeves! So you pair it up with a thin brown belt and some oxfords!

Now it's Tuesday morning, and you smile when you wake up since you remember you'll be looking real cute walking down the hallways all dressed up! :)

Available for $17.80 at or your local Forever 21 store.

Tuesday night

You're feelin' like it'll be a little warmer tomorrow (or at least you hope so) because you've been dying to try out this little cute combination you were daydreaming about putting together in the middle of Geometry while you were supposed to be doing those proofs ... whoops! Oh well, let's see how this looks!

Well, it's definitely a keeper! Jean shorts look fantastic with this adorable tank top with a laced back, a long striped cardigan, and fringe ankle booties! Can't forget the long dangly necklace to complete the outfit!

Available for $19.99 at or your local Charlotte Russe store.

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Wednesday Night

Alright, it's Wednesday night, halfway through the week, and you're thinking you may have another casual day for Thursday. There's nothing wrong with that; you'll just go out with a bang for the week on Friday. So, for tomorrow, you're contemplating a pair of cute jeans and a t-shirt? Maybe even a sweater along with it, or hoodie for the unbearably cold temperature in school. (I don't care what school you go to, what city, state, or country - I know every single one of them must be freeeeezing!) You pick out your favorite dark wash skinnies, cutest cropped top, and a pair of simple sandals.

Thursday Night

You wake up on Thursday super cold and wanting to keep your poor ice box for feet in their comfy socks, so you quickly decide on choosing a pair of colorful Vans or canvas shoes to keep your little feetsie warm!

Available for $17.80 at or your local Forever 21 store.

Available for $39.99 at or your local Journeys store.

Friday Night

Ahhhh, now it's finally Friday! Well, about to be, in a few hours! You're thinking about how you can end the week with a bangin' outfit. Hmmmm, already wore that dress on Tuesday, so maybe just a skirt? You look through your closet, try on practically every skirt you own, and finally find one you think you can match up with a contrasting shirt! I personally like to mismatch my outfits on purpose. I always make it work, however - it just gives me my own personal spin on fashion and the trends.

So I'd pair up a peach striped high waisted skirt with a black leather belt and a blue-purple quarter length shirt, all of this with my simple nude sandals. If you do something like this, contrast your colors, make sure you stick with nude or nothing too bold for your jewelry, shoes, etc. I stayed with a simple black belt and tan/nude sandals, so that the pink on the skirt and purple shirt are the main focus of the outfit.

Of course, when you wake up on Friday, you are a go on the outfit! You're just in an extremely good mood because it's finally Friday. ("Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday.") You know that song constantly plays in your mind all day every Friday - don't lie, guys! ;)

Available for $12.99 at or your local Charlotte Russe store.

Well, I surely hope you guys have enjoyed my breakdown of a typical week in my clothes. I'm obviously not saying I dress the exact same way every week, always dressy on Tuesday and Friday, casual on this or that day, and so on. It definitely varies by my mood or the amount of sleep I get, or lack thereof. Heck, sometimes I may have about four casual/bummy days because it's finals week or I'm catching a cold! But my point with this particular article is, of course, to help you guys out, especially all of those notorious last minute "planners" - you know who you are! This can hopefully really help make what you wear during the week a lot easier!

I know if I had to sit down every night and start from scratch thinking about what I'm going to wear the next day, I'd wind up scrubbin' it all week for the simple fact of time ... I have none of it! And I know a lot of you guys out there struggle to keep up with all the things you have to do, whether it be school, work, family time, exercising, or whatever it may be. I know it is extremely hard to juggle it all at one time. So, I believe that knocking off a few minutes, or an hour, here and there with things like choosing what you're going to wear the next day can be very beneficial! But hey, if not, keep doing what you're doing; just don't complain the next day why you're looking like a hobo! (Shoulda read this article!) ;)

Thanks guys, take care! Love ya!

Jasmin C.K. :)

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