A Night(mare) to Forget (Part 2)

By Gizem, age 14, England, United Kingdom

Editor's Note: Part One of this story was published in the October 2011 issue. It concludes here.

The night became silent and had been tainted by something unpleasant. The room was silent as the lights flickered.

"Di- ... did ... an-anybody else f-feel that?" Nicola struggled to get the words out of her mouth.

"Ya, what was that? The strangest feeling like something went inside my body, and before I could tell what it was it just disappeared," said Matsuko in a more calm and relaxed voice. The other two girls looked at each other in confusion.

"What are you two talking about?" asked Shirley.

"Look, the lights just went out. It was just a short power outage," explained Candice.

Suddenly Matsuko screamed. The other girls looked in her direction. Then their screams followed. Blood was written on the wall in what seemed to be red paint.

"This is you two playing a prank on us, isn't it?" Candice glared at Nicola and Matsuko.

"No. It's not us, I swear," Nicola said loudly while Matsuko nodded, still in shock.

Then the lights flickered again. The window in Shirley's room suddenly opened and a mysterious man stood in front of it. He was tall and had dark hair slicked back, wearing formal attire. He stood in a very graceful manner.

The girls stared at him in curiosity and fear at the same time. Then all of them screamed, "Ahhhhh!!"

The man opened his mouth to speak. "Did you get my message, girls?" he said in a smooth and compelling voice.

The girls rushed down the stairs trampling on their feet in the process. Finally when they got downstairs someone was missing.

"Where's Matsuko?!" Candice screeched.

Something red dripped on Nicola's forehead. She looked up and there was Matsuko pinned up on the ceiling with two bite marks on her neck. Then the mysterious man appeared with eyes a blood coloured lustre, fangs protruding obscenely from his lips, a beast in human form. He was a vampire. This vampire had just murdered Matsuko.

"Oh my God!" shouted Candice. They all screamed. The vampire vanished then reappeared behind Nicola and grabbed her firmly, and with his sharp fangs piercing into her skin. After he sucked her dry he threw her on the floor carelessly, then grabbed Shirley's arm and bit into her wrist.

"Huh??" Shirley gasped and suddenly sat upright in her bed. "Phew, it was just a dream," she said in relief.

Candice suddenly woke up. She looked shocked. "Woah, calm down. It's just a dream. Guess you had a nightmare too."

"Ya, I did. I dreamed we were attacked by this man. I think he was a vampire. Silly, right?" Candice chuckled.

Shirley looked confused then she felt a sharp pain in her wrist. She pulled her sleeve up. Then quickly looked over in a worry to Matsuko's and Nicola's sleeping bags.

"Oh my --" She didn't finish. Then she said in a frightened voice, "I ... I don't think it was a d-d-dream. Look!"

The End

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