Is 14 the Right Age for MySpace?

By Stephanie Lynn, age 22, Massachusetts
SDM Editor-in-Chief

It seems like more and more kids under the age of 14 are setting up MySpace accounts. Should they be allowed to have them? Or should MySpace become more strict with the issue?

Here's what you said:

I think that if people under 14 are using MySpace that MySpace should not have to get more strict. It is their fault if they are doing stupid things on MySpace anyways, you know? If they are under 14, and they are using it and something happens, it isn't MySpace's fault. It shouldn't be on MySpace's hands if they get hurt.
Caitlin, 14

Okay, I think that people under 14 are putting themselves at risk making a MySpace because they can talk to people they don't know, and it could be dangerous for them. The reason why the age ranges from 14 and on is because they're more responsible, and know not to meet people if they don't know them. So I think MySpace should monitor the issue.
Lauren, 15

I'm okay with kids being like 12, and not trying to act older, and stuff like that. Not being like gross and trying to be a stripper ... if you know what I mean.
Kelsey, 14

I think it's more and more little girls under 14 that are getting MySpaces, and they take really skanky pictures. It just makes you think, "Where are their parents?" I mean, they also don't have their profiles private or anything. That is just a set-up for something bad to happen. I would never let my little girl or boy if I had one ever get a MySpace at the age of 11. It's not right. Parents should be watching their kids. This is just my opinion.
Rachel, 17

I think they should. I saw an 8 year old on here and let me tell you her picture was so gross. I think the youngest age should be around 13. These kids act so stupid. It's like they don't know 9 million people view MySpace every day.
Ly Do, 14

Yeah, it's horrible ... They turn into sl**s. Getting pictures [on MySpace]? Like seriously, people, you still haven't hit puberty. What are you doing on MySpace? No wonder so many kids are getting raped and killed. They don't know what they're doing and what they're getting themselves into. It's sad, and yet it's a lil bit of the parents' fault. They should have taught their kids better.
Dinorah, 16

Yes, I think that they should monitor MySpace more. This is how children get raped or kidnaped. The issue is they don't crack down on the issues. Older people can still talk to WAY younger people. If they hear that a MySpace user is under the legal age, bring it to a parent's attention OR delete their accounts ... something like that.
Kayla, 15

I don't think they should [be more strict]. It's stupid. The only reason they get MySpaces is so they "might" get popular at school. Their accounts should be deleted.
Tina B., 14

I think you should have to be 13 to have a MySpace because most 12 year olds or younger are immature and irresponsible, and they are more prone to making MySpace seem like a bad thing.
Jill, 14

I say let them have their fun. Maybe they'll learn from it somehow.
Allie, 15

That [MySpace being more strict] is gay. I am 12. This is stupid ... in my opinion.
Adria, 12

Kids under age 14 on MySpace is unsafe. They are too young to be on MySpace. They don't know what they're doing & they are easy bait for pedophiles. And yes, MySpace should strictly monitor this issue. Even though they fake their age, there are other ways to find out a person's real age.
Erika, 15

I think that 11 year olds and younger should not have a MySpace until they are at least 15 and older! And yes, MySpace should become more strict when it comes to 11 year olds and younger!
Brieanna, 15

It doesn't matter if they're on MySpace. Let 'em, because who cares? It's just a way to communicate with your friends.
Kelsey, 12

I think there isn't really much that Tom [founder of MySpace] can do. My cousin Alicia, 12, set up an account, and no matter. Family or not, Tom has rules. He wouldn't waste time to make up some FAQ's or rules just for fun. Maybe he should ask some questions like how old you were when you ___________, or something. That way, children would fall for that trick and say 10 or something.
Ciera, 15

I think that people under 14 generally aren't mature enough to deal with predators, and they will become a target to people who know this, who are more likely to go after them.
Sam, 15

I think it's bad, but really for girls because girls are really stupid, and they will get sucked into what the guy is saying, and tell him something that she shouldn't have, so I think it's not so good they make accounts.
Ashley, 13

I think that kids on MySpace at a young age isn't such a bad idea, but it depends on what they are on there for. If they have a MySpace page to talk with their friends, then I think it's alright, as long as they keep their information private and add only people they know.
Danielle, 14

I definitely think kids under the age of 14 should not have one. I mean, what in the world do they have to talk about? Who so-and-so has a crush on? What so-and-so's favorite color is?

Plus, I mean, they go way out of hand. Not to be mean, but they act like complete sl**s. Their picture captions say, "Look how hot I am. Don't you want some of this?" I mean, seriously, come on now.
Savanna, 15

I agree with this completely. MySpace is a place for people to meet, and everything in between, but when 11 yr olds get on here and pretend to be older people they really aren't, it's just pathetic! Something needs to be done!
Stefanie M., 16 (Australia)

I definitely think that MySpace should monitor better, but also parents should. MySpace is as secure as any other site. There are bad people on here too, and an 11 year old doesn't know how to handle themselves enough to be interacting with people that they do not know. MySpace should have an age limit, and I'm not even sure if 14 is old enough.
Danielle, 17

I think younger kids on MySpace is pointless, but all older people who talk to younger kids make MySpace seem so bad, and that's why parents - some parents - don't let their kids have one. But the kids who are responsible and smart enough to have one are the ones that should have one.
Alley W., 14

I don't think that's right [kids under 14 having MySpace accounts]. They can see porn on MySpace!
Kayla, 15

I think it is horrible! Kids under 14 should not have MySpaces. Well, one, they are just annoying, and two, they should be doing other things their own age - like not being on the internet. So that's how I feel, and to all you lil MySpace 11 years olds out there - Get off 'cause you're just dumb. Thank you for listening.
Tina, 15

I think they should [have Mypace accounts] because we have MySpace to talk and make new friends, but what they shouldn't do is add a friend over 30 unless it's their relative. Sure, having a MySpace can be dangerous, but you should not talk to strangers. Some 11 year olds need the freedom because not even we like to be caged up and protected all the time.
April, 14

I think that children underage don't understand why Tom has a certain age you can get a MySpace. Fisrt of all, I think underage kids think it's a game, and they probably talk to whomever, and that's pretty dangerous. Second of all, if something says you must be a certain age, I think it has its reasons.
Marithza, 14

I think you should have to be at least 14 'cause of the risk of predators! 11 years olds wouldn't really know better! They would just say where they live. MySpace needs to be more strict!
Katey, 15

Well, I think kids 11 and higher should have a MySpace. Well, I heard about the news of people on MySpace, but the little kids could have their MySpace private, and even have to know someone's last name to be friends with them. They can also have one to connect with family members if they have MySpaces and to connect with friends.

MySpace is pretty fun. You can chat, listen to music, find layouts on wonderful websites, watch videos, and other stuff. Well, that's why I think kids should have MySpaces.
Franceen R., 12

11 year olds having MySpaces is just completely ridiculous. They're vulnerable, and stupid, and they're all gonna get molested by some freaky sex predator.
Deneil, 15

I'm under 14, and I have a MySpace. I think that they should lower the age that you're allowed to have a MySpace to 13. Many 13 year olds already have it, and I don't think that it is too young at all. But 12, yes a little young. But I think 13 is a good age. And those little 11 year olds, that's just gross.
Kathryn, 13

Well, I am 13, turning fourteen in a week =] but I have had a MySpace since I was 11 years old. Yeah, some have gotten deleted, but I still believe that it should be for kids. They should have their parents check them, but still I have had it since they allowed 12 year olds on here.* Kids need common sense not to add anybody they don't know, as they could be pretending to be a kid, but be a rapist.
Brittany, 13

*[I'm unsure what she's referring to. - editor]

I think it's ridiculous that younger children can access MySpace or sign up for it. They are not using it wisely and are putting highly exposed photos on their page. What they don't know is perverts can lurk them. MySpace should be restricted for people under the age of 13. My opinion anyways!
Ilona, 16

I think underage children should not be allowed to be on MySpace. There are way too many sick people in the world, and our children should be protected from them. Putting them on MySpace exposes them, and puts them at greater risk of sexual predators, and so forth. That's my opinion.
Katie H., 19

I think 11 year olds are WAY too young to have a MySpace. 13 is okay, but 11 is too young. I mean, what can you put up at 11? They probably only have a MySpace because it's the "cool" thing to do. That's just MY opinion.
Tamara, 15

I don't think it's a good idea to let children under the age of fourteen have a MySpace! My reason for this is because not everything can be censored. Tom shouldn't have to go surfing everyone's page to see if theirs are "appropriate" pictures!

I know that if I were a parent I wouldn't like my child to see things such as pornographic figures, pictures, and such! There are many things that should restrict kids under the age of 14 from having a MySpace. The most important to me would be the based on what the parents think is appropriate.
Misty A., 16

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