Worried About Not Graduating

By Kate, age 19, New Hampshire
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Editor's Note: Kate addresses two 18 year olds struggling with their senior year and a middle schooler trying to find her identity.

I'm worried about not graduating this year. I take an AP English class and passing this class determines if will graduate or not and I'm having a hard time with this class. It's hard. How can I pass this class to graduate?

Also, I still like my ex girlfriend but she's in another relationship right now. How do I tell her how I feel without making things awkward?

DaVonte, 18


AP classes are a lot of work! I know you will do fine. There really is no How-To guide on passing any class, but like any other class you might have, they require the same things: completing the homework on time and completely, participating in class and doing the assigned work, and studying to do well on the test and quizzes. If you do all that, you shouldn't have to worry about not passing, unless you are getting poor grades on your tests and quizzes. As long as homework is done completely, you shouldn't be marked down for it, even if a few things are wrong. The best advice I can give you is to talk to your teacher - he/she will be able to discuss ways to improve your grade in the class. He/she might offer extra credit or even time to stay after for extra help. This is your responsibility - step up and show your concern. It will be noticed and it will show you are responsible.

As far as your ex girlfriend goes - it's okay to still have feelings for her after a breakup. It happens to all of us almost all the time. Telling her how you feel shouldn't make anything awkward, unless you ended on a bad note. Without knowing a lot of the details about the two of you, it's hard to make a personal judgment based on my own personal opinions, but I'd say, if she is in another relationship, leave it alone. It probably isn't the best idea to tell her how you feel right now. She could be really happy with this other person - you wouldn't want to ruin that. At the same time, though, she might still like you, but do you really want to start that kind of drama while she is with someone else?

Remember, you're not the only person with feelings. The best thing you can do is let things run their course. If things don't work out with her and the person she is dating, maybe then you can talk to her, but support her first! Be a friend for her - show her you care. She will notice and appreciate it.

Best of luck in everything!


* * * * *

I'm at the edge of getting seniorosis. Since I'm failing school, my parents have been on my back. They'll now only let me do my homework in front of them. They even want to quiz me. The problem is that they drive me insane so much I want to lash out. What can I do?

Anne, 18


When I was in high school, we called it senioritis! But, I like seniorosis, too! Whatever you want to call it, though, everyone gets infected, even if it's just a slight case ;) Regardless, that's no excuse to be failing school, especially now that you're a senior! I know I probably sound like your parents, but it's the truth. I don't blame them for being on your back - they just want to see you graduate and move on to better things. Don't you want to graduate? Trust me, there's a whole new world beyond high school! It's SO much better! Of course, it's a lot of work too, and it comes with responsibility. If you can't even pass high school, that doesn't make you look good.

Doing your homework in front of them and letting them quiz you shouldn't be a problem - unless you don't do your homework in the first place. Not doing homework is the worst thing you could do! Believe it or not, it can be a huge part of your grade. Of course, if you do do your homework, then what's the problem with doing it in front of them? It's nothing different, so there shouldn't be a problem. Either way, just do your homework! No one likes to do it, but everyone does it. It's a part of high school, and it's a part of your responsibility. Like I said before, if you plan on going to college and doing other things with life, you need to work for that, and it starts right now! Don't make yourself look like an irresponsible person - you will regret it later!

As far as the quizzing goes, let them! They just want what's best for you and they want to see you do well. Plus, it might even help you. Don't treat your parents as the nagging jerks all high schoolers like to make their parents seem like. Take advantage of the fact that they want to help you! If you don't understand a part of your homework, ask them. I'm finishing my sophomore year in college and I always ask my mom for help with homework. Let them quiz you - it will help you study for quizzes and tests. And they might have a few tips for you, too. When I was in third grade, I had to memorize all the states in the United States and their capitals, and spelling counted, too! Connecticut was one of the hardest for me. My mom told me to "Connect the dots!" So, instead of spelling it 'Conneticut,' I spelled it 'Connect-ticut!' To this day, I still remember to Connect the dots! It seems silly, but you'll be surprised how much of that stays with you!

So, don't lash out at them - not only is it a bit childish, but very unnecessary. They just want to help you, so let them! Trust me, you will be glad you did! And don't forget to say thank you! They do a lot for you, show them you appreciate it.


* * * * *

Well, I am in middle school, but ever since I got into middle school I don't know who I am, what I want, how I feel. I mean, I have friends, but it seems I still am all alone. I got teased about how tall I am, but now it's like, whatever. I don't really care - just leave me alone. I also get really mad at my brothers for no reason. Please help me find who I really am. I am tired of hiding behind my fake characteristics of a straight A-B student band geek. Sad and confused, who am I?

Isabella, 14

Hey Isabella,

First things first: you are in middle school - there shouldn't be any confusion - you are you! And you are great! You think middle school is confusing - wait until you're a senior in high school and picking out colleges! I know there's a lot going on for you, but you don't need to worry. You are Isabella, and you can want and feel however you want!

As far as getting teased goes, when I was in middle school, I was teased, too. I was in the band, I did the newspaper, but I loved it all, and it was fun. I had friends who liked me for who I was, and that's all I needed. And you know what else? Guys love tall girls! It may not seem that way now, but like I said before, you're only in middle school. There's so much ahead of you! So many great things - great people, experiences, opportunities - don't let middle school get you down! Take it from me, a sophomore in college - you're not missing anything.

I don't think you need help finding yourself - I think, right now, you already have. You know who you are, who your friends are, what you like, and all that. For right now, that's all you need to know. You are beautiful, Isabella. Don't feel like you're holding back - be who you are! Enjoy what you do, and enjoy life!


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