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Age 20, New Hampshire

Joined the SDM Team: January 2008

Why I Write for SDM: One of my biggest passions is writing. I'm planning on going to college with a major in creative writing. I like to write anything from stories and poems to voicing my opinions in my Journalism class and for Sweet Designs Magazine. I write for SDM to improve my writing, voice my opinions, and get feedback on both. I also like to reach out to people, whether I'm giving them party ideas or helping them with a tough situation. It feels good to know that you can help make a difference in the world, and SDM definitely gives you a chance to do that.

Activities, Sports, Interests: Besides being a writer, I am also into horseback riding. I ride as much as possible, through snow and rain. I like to be around horses because I am always learning something new that will make me a better rider and caretaker. I'm also a member of a Civil War Reenacting unit and I get the chance to go to events and fire a real cannon.

Favorite Authors: I don't really have any favorite authors, but I think Stephenie Meyer did an excellent job with the Twilight series, which are my favorite books. It's been a while since I've actually read a book, but I typically like mysteries and fantasies.

Favorite School Subjects: Right now, my favorite classes are playwriting, creative writing, and band. Though it seems misplaced with writing classes, I love music and being able to express myself in that way.

Favorite Movies & TV Shows: I absolutely love the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, and I love Disney movies. My favorites are Cars and Wall-E! And, of course, the newly released Twilight. For TV shows, I enjoy watching sitcoms like That 70's Show, Scrubs, and Ugly Betty.

I listen to: Mostly rock, pop, and hip hop, occasionally country and rap, and when I'm in the mood, techno. I like things with a good beat and even better lyrics. I like things I can dance to with friends, sing along when I'm having a bad day, or just blast on the highway in my car. Some favorite artists include Nickleback, Taylor Swift, Colbie Caillet, Evanescence, Hinder, Flo Bots, Katy Perry, Linkin Park, Lifehouse, Matchbox 20, Natasha Bedingfield, Pink, and Rascal Flatts.

Most Important Values: I look for respectful people. I don't like the "she gets around" types or the girls who think they have to do things they don't want to do to have fun and be "in". Be honest and true to yourself and respect yourself, and you will be happy. It's not what others think. It's your life. Live it your way.

I enjoy: Doing what I love. I love spending time with my friends and family and having a good time. I like to try new things and create memories I'll always remember, whether they're good or bad, they're what made me a stronger person. You only have one life to live, and I want to make the best of mine.

Future Plans: Being in my final year of high school, I definitely plan to continue my education through college. I plan on majoring in Creative Writing, and possibly having a minor in Photography, a new and growing interest of mine. And hopefully after college I'll have published my first book. Remember me! You might just see my name on the best sellers list. :)

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What I'm All About: As you probably have figured out, I'm all about having fun and living my life. I'm one of those people who try to "live every day as if it were [their] last." I've spent way more time than I ever wanted to spend depressed. Another quote I live by: "Every minute you spend angry or upset is another minute of happiness you can't get back." I want to be a happy person, and every day I keep moving forward, hoping to make each day better than the last.

Favorite Quotes: Though I have already mentioned a few, there is one particular quote that I feel sums it all up, and it's my favorite: "When life gives you one hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have one thousand reasons to smile." (anonymous)

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February & March Magazine Issues

March 15, 2012

The February and March issues of Sweet Designs Magazine are now online, featuring a combined 53 new articles and features!!

- Cover: Stephanie Lynn reflects on 5 years
- Cover: India (of Darn-licious knitwear)
- Life in the dumps (moving in with my bf)
- The difference between men and women
- Angels among us (parts 1 and 2)
- Arts graduates & the dark night of the soul
- Triple threat (how I survived my teen yrs)
- Dating isn't easy (my true story)
- How to turn not-so-great gifts ... (fashion)
- Ten reasons to love being single
- Taking the big leap (college)
- Valentine's Day (not what you'd expect!)
- The last of the cold (hopefully) (fashion)
- A month full of love
- Ten tips for successful airline travel
- Reasons I love writing for SDM
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- They're not all the same
- The life I'm glad I don't have (fiction)
- Professional dress/ finding Fendi (fashion)
- An airport anniversary: a true story
- Inappropriate Facebook photos
- The perks of a big city (college)
- A night(mare) to forget (part 2)
- The Anita Blake series (book review)
- Saving June by Hannah Harrington (book)
- Under the Mesquite by GG McCall (book)
- The Lullaby by Sarah Dessen (book)
- If I Stay by Gayle Foreman (book review)
- My sweetheart (original poetry)
- Isn't it funny (original poetry)
- The stranger (original poetry)
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- One night valentine
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- Southern love
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- When TV shows depict your life
- 3 Fun ways to rock spring's hottest trends
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- Deadly, by Julie Chibbaro (book review)
- Beastly, by Alex Flinn (book review)
- I don't care (poetry)
- Together, alone (poetry)

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