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By Stephanie Lynn, age 22, Massachusetts

October 2007

Michelle, age 14
Japanese Fashion, Harajuku Style

She's a great writer! She had GREAT pictures and it was interesting to read. I don't think I'll try any of the fashions, but it's just great to know, and to be cultural. But I might do it for Halloween.. :] I give her kudos. p.s. I love the site.

Marie, age 13
Japanese Fashion, Harajuku Style

This helps a lot! Me & my best friend were thinking 'bout this, but we didn't wanna spend a lot of money on a costume, so yeah, I need to buy makeup soon!

Emily, age 15
Japanese Fashion, Harajuku Style

I thought this article was really cool and interesting :]]

Emily, age 14
Japanese Fashion, Harajuku Style

Whoa! OMG! This fashion sounds totally cool. I might try and put a little bit in my everyday style, but go full out at costume parties and Halloween. Hmmm ... I might even make it my sweet sixteen's party theme!!! ;-)

India, age 16
Japanese Fashion, Harajuku Style

I want to be a ganguro, but don't know how. Any help out there?

Jennifer, age 14
Aspiring Fashion Designers

Thanks for the tips!

Nayara, age 13
One Step to a Better Self-Image

I get teased all the time, and now I know what to do about it =D. This article, no this whole magazine, is brilliant !

Lilia, age 14
One Step to a Better Self-Image

Actually, I've used this before, and it's a good way to build up confidence. It works really =]

Jenteara, age 14
One Step to a Better Self-Image

I really liked this article, and what you're saying is true. Sometimes I feel that I am ugly 'cause of my acne ... It's not that bad, but then boys pick on me 'cuz I have acne problems, but sometimes I just break down and cry. I really like your magazine.

Leslie, age 16
FWB - What Was I Thinking?

I can totally relate to her. I gave up my virginity to a guy I wanted to be in a relationship with and who was only looking for sex. As it turns out, he was screwing my ex-best friend at the same time. Even though I hate what happened, I don't regret it. I think of it as a lesson learned.

Kimberly, age 14
FWB - What Was I Thinking?

I admire this girl. After all she has been through she is still fighting, and I hope that she moves on. She made me change my opinion of "friends with benefits". I am a new me now. Thanks lots.

Iyasha, age 17
FWB - What Was I Thinking?

Wow! This story was really deep. I always thought boys were the ones trying to get into your pants, but I guess girls came pressure guys into sex by lack of emotions.

Molly-Rae, age 12
Fall '07 Fashion Trend Alerts

This article is truly ahmazing! But you peepz should deff. do one for people on a limited amount of money... Because I can't really afford a $13 tee-shirt, ya know?!

Vivian Huang, age 15
The Stupid Things We Do

Interesting, great article. Hopefully, it reaches out to those who've made a few of those mistakes and change their bad habits!

The Stupid Things We Do

Bad advice since she hasn't experienced it herself.

Nancy, age 45
Inked: The Straight Story

Just what I was looking for. Gotta send my niece the link!

Allyson, age 20
Inked: The Straight Story

Although I do agree with a lot of this article, some of the comments made by the author are a little off. Well, if you are gearing this towards 15 year olds who think it's cool to get kanji tattooed on them, then it's good idea to tell them they are being stupid. It does take time, and everyone needs to be sure what they are getting they are ready to have for the rest of there lives, and not some flash they walked in and picked off the wall. Most artists charge by the hour (not size and color). $100+ is typical for quality work. Also, the comment about keeping your tattoo moist is true, but you should not apply ointment/lotion more than 3 times a day. Otherwise you WILL have to go get it retouched because you can fade your tattoo by applying too much lotion too often. Believe me, I messed up my 1st tattoo this way. For many people tattooing and body modification is a lifestyle. It is a way to express yourself and explore your body. I have my entire back tattooed, and plan on many more, and in 15 years when I have kids asking me questions I will be more than happy to share the story of my life with them through my tattoos. On my 18th birthday I did a pull. I admit I was a little disappointed, but I did something that I will never forget, and I hope to one day do a suspension. Body modification is an art form, and you should be proud. If you want real information on tattoos I would recommend your readers to check out

A Little Awry

Amazed by the lengths of which her mind allows her writing to reach.

Kristina, age 18
A Little Awry

I love how the article started out with a situation that anyone could find themselves relating to. The article brings about facts about our world that are quite unfortunately true, and the way that everything is worded ... it's lovely. It's honest and true. It makes a person think, or think more if they've already thought on this subject. The article made me smile and frown. Frown because of the truth that as I said before is unfortunate. Smile because we do all have a right. Basically, I just loved the article.

Beth, age 18
A Little Awry

First, if you study world history, you have found that discrimination has ALWAYS been and forever will be. Second, changes occur gradually over time, unless war forces change. The Bible says that "This too will pass."

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