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By Stephanie Lynn, age 23, Massachusetts

March 2008

Alexandria, age 14
Going Green

This article has many more new ideas. I reuse my water bottles, and decorate them with "earthly" sayings. My friends think I'm weird, but I tend to make my own clothes, and when I don't, I use the organic clothing. I know, not the safest ever, but I'm trying. One person can't move the world, but they can make something happen. (:

Jane, age 19
Going Green

I think this is a really great step to spreading awareness about reducing our energy/resource consumption. One other suggestion I think is really important is to buy used clothes instead of new whenever possible, since the clothing industry is one of the heaviest polluters. I think the suggestions in this article are presented in a really accessible way. Great job.

Nadja, age 14
Going Green

Omg, I love this article ... I mean, it's all so true. And my family is doing a lot to help the environment. I do a lot to help the environment ... recycling, using less energy and water ... all that stuff. So keep doing things to help the environment. Good job!!!

Marissa, age 16
Going Green

This article was very invigorating and I enjoyed reading your tips!! Thanks for the advice. [=

Esther, age 38
Going Green

I think this article is extremely useful for people who are not sure what to use or what not! Very informative and glad a lot of people are pitching in to save our home 'earth'. Good job and thanks!

Cindy, age 14
Going Green

These articles are inspiring and very entertaining.

Sonya, age 21
Going Green

I "went green" a while back and I love it! I wish that the human race would have had more heart for their planet and their children to come that have to live here. Global warming is very much real and it saddens me that there are still people who don't care. Good work on the article!

Sally, age 18
Little Miss Confidence

Wow, I don't even know how I stumbled across this website, or even this article for that matter! But this was one of the best things I've ever read! Truly inspiring. I like the different approach. Most magazines always say, "Wear this, do this to your hair, oh and don't forget to say this", but this article was different. This article said to be yourself, and to be different. And most of all (and my favorite part) to be confident! Something that almost everyone I know struggles with. I LOVED this article!

Ally, age 13
Little Miss Confidence

This has to be my favorite article. It is about confidence which I am lacking a LOT of. This has helped me think about myself better. Now I have the urge to write the quote at the end in my binder. ha. Well, thank you so much for the advice. I really appreciate it.

Ronesha, age 13
Little Miss Confidence

OMG, thanxsz soooooo much for those tips, and YES, I am going to use those with the best of my ability, and by the wayyyyy, your pics are pretty, girl!! <333

Ana, age 15
Little Miss Confidence

I sooo LOVE this article. It's like amazing because I'm a person with like self-esteem that girls wish for (not trying to sound conceited), but I don't believe in letting yourself down, ya know? This is like a great article for my cousin because she doesn't really believe in herself, and I want her to, 'cuz I'm the type of person who likes chillin' with people who have confidence within themselves .=].

P.S. I put your "People are always afraid of Different" picture on my page. I LOVE IT!

Nikki, age 16
Little Miss Confidence

This actually helped me with a problem I am facing right now =) Thanks, ya'll rock!!

Pooh Bear, age 17
Little Miss Confidence

I'm so confident of myself because I know I'm beautiful.

Danielle, age 16
Indie Girl

I have been looking into this book and not sure if I wanted to read it, but thanks to your article I am going to get it and want to do something creative that I can use my ideas and thoughts!

Joule, age 14
Indie Girl

I think this article is great and I'm going to definitely buy the book, but what if, like ... you don't really know what you want to do even after you read the book? I've read many kinds of books like this and I'm still stuck. I have a lot of ideas, I do, but I still don't know what to do with them.

Bazoka, age 13
Indie Girl


Lisa, 13
A Slave to Anorexia and Cutting

Anorexia is a hard thing. I've suffered with it for 3 years now, and would love to get rid of it. But there's no magic wand. I've had a tube and everything, and all I have to say to any other girl who is going through my situation is just keep no fighting because there is so much you can do with your life!

Ashley, age 13
You're Not That Ugly

Wow, this changed my whole point of view on so many things. It was a good article, and to think about it, it was the first article that I read that actually meant something.

Ally, age 13
You're Not That Ugly

This is an amazing article. I am behind this 100%. Now, I am not the most optimistic person, but it is true. Thinking you are ugly is not going to get you that far in life. Confidence and optimism are the key things. Managers at a job are not going to hire you if you are not confident in what you are doing, and I have heard that guys love girls with confidence. So be yourself and be happy with it. I love the article, Sarah. Way to put your own examples in there. :D

Shelley, age 13
You're Not That Ugly

AWE this was so amazing!~! I don't always tell myself that I am ugly, but I do have that guy trouble a lot. Actually the guy I like right now, well, I found out from somebody that he was kissing one of my older sisters' friends! Well, I really don't like that, and I don't know what to do! I wish it was easy just to move on ...

Kara, age 16
Dealing with Backstabbing Friends

I'm soo sorry for her. This has happened to me!! What they do is get all the info they can from you and run back and tell everyone. I have had 3 or 4 girls do this to me!

Susan, age 12
Dealing with Backstabbing Friends

This actually happened to me. My "friend" said something bad about me to my other friend over AIM! I got mad at her, almost started crying. My mom tried to comfort me, and I realized she's not worth it. If she would say such horrible things about me, she's definitely not worth it. So yea, no, we're not friends, but we still kinda talk. Not a lot, only at lunch since we sit across from each other. But yea. Lol.

Taryn, age 16
Dealing with Backstabbing Friends

In my opinion this is very true. My reason being is that this similar thing happened to me my freshmen year. The people I thought were my friends in reality weren't. And yeah, high school DOES & MOST LIKELY WILL change friendships. It makes you think about what's real and what's fake. You'll find those bad apples, but you can't expect everyone to be perfect. And if they really are your best friend they wouldn't do that. So yeah.

Emily, age 16
Dealing with Backstabbing Friends

This was an uh-mazing article! I thought it was very helpful to me! I am going thru a terrible time with friends. You soon find out who's there and who's not and who's always going to be there. It all works out. Everything happens for a reason. =]

Jennifer, age 14
Dealing with Backstabbing Friends

Thanks. This article really made me think, and right now I have two of my best friends backstabbing me, and I thought we were gonna be tight, but I guess not. And it really hurts. Well, thanks.

Ally, age 13
March Madness

Love the article. Good work.

TeehLuv, age: 21
Poetry by Corey

I Love Being Here & Love Writing About Poetry and Stuff.

Onna, age 18
Poetry by Corey

You're creative, chicka! =]

Adriana, age 16
Sweet Sixteen: Part 1


Dealing with Backstabbing Friends
Anonymous, age 13 writes:

I'm only in middle school and I have had my fair share of backstabbing. Move on, seriously! Tell someone. At my school you can email a teacher. Maybe if you're experiencing problems, suggest this feature on your school website. It helped me A LOT!

Dealing with Backstabbing Friends
Anonymous writes:

You have written a very good article, well put.

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