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By Stephanie Lynn, age 23, Massachusetts

April 2008

Emily, age 18
Mood Food: Healthy Cafeteria Eating

I really like your article! I think it's really important for schools to get rid of all that junk that they sell. My old high school, for example, didn't even have a salad bar. Instead they had bars, chips, and pre-packaged sandwiches. Plus, all the healthy food that they did bother to offer was noticeably more expensive, so no one ever bought it. I'm pretty sure they didn't even sell bottled water except in the vending machines. However, when you see sodas, you're more tempted to get a sugary substance anyway. They really should make more of an effort because kids have enough sugar when they get home.

Lover gurl, age 10
Mood Food: Healthy Cafeteria Eating

I eat anything - McDonald's, Burger King, and all that, and your words ain't gonna stop me, ha!

Julie, age 17
The It Dress

Love the article. Of course, you survived, Mayra. You be rocking everything you wear!

Kailee, age 14
My Picture Perfect Prom

I love this article. Looks to me like everything worked out great. You even had a cute date. And I'm IN LOVE with that dress.

Prom 411

I like the dresses you chose - they are cute and unique, very different than I have seen from the stores. :-)

Thelma, age 16
Prom 411

Hey girly! Like this article too! It's good to help those that need help to find dresses! I can't wait for my prom!! Once again, you're doing a great job! <33

Thelma, age 16
The Princess Project

I love your article, Mayra! Keep doing a great job! Love the article, especially because it can help girls fulfill their dreams in going to the prom! Love ya.

Ally, age 13
7 Prom Tips

These are great tips. I haven't had a prom yet, so I'll use them when I actually do. Thanks.

Luisana D., age 16
Prom 5

fab & Lu

Neli, age 14
The F-Bomb

I love your story. It has totally inspired me to rethink my options once I truly grow up and get a job. Thanks, Rocio, for putting it out there, that being a feminist isn't crazy - it's a true honor!!

Brittney, age 17

Something similar happened to ... and you're totally right. If you bottle it up inside, it only makes it worse. Tell someone and get help getting over it. Because if you don't you start to get depressed, and who wants that??? I'm glad you were brave enough to write about your experience online, and I respect you for that. You go girl!

Neli, age 14

So deep and touching. This story will help all girls be more careful about who they hang with. THANK YOU, SARAH!!

Kiara, age 17

I loved this article. I like hearing from people who have gone through hard times and how they've made it through it.

Deanna S., age 17

Wow. Not all girls can come out and say what had happened to them. So for you to confess something like this is totally touching.

Ally, age 13
Prom & Formal Dance Gallery

These girls look absolutely stunning! I'm totally jelly. Ha.

Keisha P., age 16
Relationships Gone Bad

I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT ... it is sooooo true.

Kailee, age 14
Relationships Gone Bad

My saying is "Once a cheater, always a cheater." I was cheated on by a guy, and he cheated on me with my best friend. This article is telling the truth. Do I still like that guy? Yes, I still like him. It's hard getting over that. But you have to. I told him I still have feelings for him, of course. And he told me he still had feelings for me. But this article is 100% right. No relationship lasts forever. Not in teen years anyway. Now the guy that cheated on me is with the girl that he cheated on me with. Does he cheat on her? I wouldn't doubt it. I'm not friends with her. But we aren't enemies either. Very good article.

Caryneshia S., age 17
The Freedom Writers

I saw the movie Freedom Writers and I thought it was fantastic. The journal idea is great! I think if more kids have journals to write in and people to talk to we would have less suicides. Keep doing what you do because you're an inspiration.

Danielle, age 16

I think that the movie is great and I don't think that it promotes pregnancy. It will happen whether or not this movie was made and it will continue unfortunately. Ellen Page was excellent in the film and this article portrays the movie greatly.

Kylie, age 13

I loved this article bcuz I loved this movie - it was funny! I thought that the main role was given harsh lines though - her whole personality was rude.

Jasmine, age 16
The Lovely Bones

I agree! I love this book. I read it during the summer of 2007. I finished it in such a short time because I could not put it down! I was also in a school that was not my own, so the book was a good time to spend my time alone. Summer school was made fun by Lovely Bones. I would definitely recommend this book. Can't wait for the movie! Hope it's as good as the book (even though books are usually better)!

Danielle, age 16
The Lovely Bones

I am reading this book now for an AP English project and I love it! It's extremely sad but touching, and I think that girls who have been raped can relate to her feelings. There are many tragedies, such as Suzie's death, and for the many families who have experienced such a tragedy, it destroys their relationship and tears them apart. Alice Sebold does a great job of narrating the story through Suzie's eyes. And I'm certainly enthused about finishing it!

Chelzee, age 14
The Lovely Bones

Wow. My mom read this book about 3 years ago and she was telling me about it, but I was too young to care. Now after reading this, I really want to read it. Reading is one of my biggest hobbies. (:

Kasey, age 13
The Little Red Paper Clip

This is very well written, although a bit unclear towards the end. Nevertheless, excellent piece.

Megan, age 17
Still November

Wow. This is really lovely. It's sad, but at the same time I find it to be inspirational. Gave me chills.

The Princess Project
Jennifer M., age 19 writes:

It's soooo TRUE. I got my dress for free and took it to prom <-2008->. I felt like a REAL PRINCESS! Remember my dress, Mayra? It was b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l. and g.o.r.g.e.o.u.s. LOL. Great article, Mayra, and I can assure it's 100% true!!! *_*

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