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By Stephanie Lynn, age 23, Massachusetts

August 2008

On the Cover - Meet Jessica Mellott
Jim, age 42 writes:

Hey Jessica, I think the Sweet Designs cover is breathtaking and you look beautiful. The interview was great. God bless and enjoy the rest of your summer. :0)

Interview with Jessica Mellott
Jim, age 42 writes:

I think the article was fantastic and the interview was very informative. Jessica Mellott is a very sweet and talented singer.

Interview with Jessica Mellott
Bruce M., age 61 writes:

Nice Interview. I agree Jessica is a good singer. I love her songs. She photographs nicely also.

Interview with Jessica Mellott
Benny, age 40 writes:

Jessica is amazing and her music is great!

So You Want to Be a Fashion Designer
Kayly, age 16 writes:

My dream is to be a fashion designer and this really helped me understand the job alot more than I did before. I don't know how to sew but once I nail that down I think I could really do it! How can you apply to write articles for you guys?

He Loves Her ... He Loves Her Not ... He Hits Her
Jess, age 15 writes:

I've been through the same thing. I was hoping eventually you guys would post a story about this. People need to start looking for these things with their friends. I didn't have any support going through it. My boyfriend at that time didn't really help and my best friend dropped me and she had no clue what was happening. Thanks so much for posting this story.

He Loves Her ... He Loves Her Not ... He Hits Her
Rebecca, age 20 writes:

Nice article...good message...I hope your friend is ok!

Eating Disorder Communities
Katrazyna, age 16 writes:

This is a helpful article...I myself got into a eating disorder after getting into a large conflicts with people I love (BFFs). I felt guilty eating, food seemed to make me look fat and after eating, I felt like throwing up. I hope I recover soon.

The Private Series
Shaheen, age 23 writes:


Under The Sea
Stephanie Lynn, age 23 writes:

Scuba diving sounds thrilling, although I've always been too claustrophobic to try it. I'm such a baby. ;) Anyway, every time I read the title "Under the Sea" I get that Little Mermaid song in my head. haha! Thanks for your article! :)

I Capture the Castle, by Dodie Smith
Afzoon H., age 16 writes:

The review was well written. Thank you Saman, I really want to read the book now.

Improving Your Skin
Stephanie Lynn, age 23 writes:

Great article, Mandy! Gosh, I never would have thought that potatoes could be so good for your skin. Thanks for the information. :)

Improving Your Skin
Katrazyna, age 16 writes:

Hey, wow...thats amazing! Thank you SO much for putting that up because I have friends who are dying to find a simple treatment and I had no idea how to help them!
You guys amazing!

Get Healthy Back-to-School Skin
Jadine, age 16 writes:

Well honestly that on the spot acne treatment didn't work for me. It only dried out my face and made me break out even worse. And once I stopped using it, the redness and swelling went away and my face even cleared up a lot faster.

Get Healthy Back-to-School Skin
Megan, age 16 writes:

The article pretty cool, Ive never seen that on the spot treatment sadly. I would like to be a site model but I have acne and scars left over so thats a no =_= ..I think this is online mag is really cool because you have regular people writing,and its bassicaly teens,about teens etc.unlike some. I would want to write an article on acne and fashion, etc, but im not great at punctuation =_=

B2S Fashion: What You'll Need This Fall
Anne, age 10 writes:

Um I know this is stupid, but what are suspenders? ,_, And, awesome article!!!

Fashionista for Less
Stephanie Lynn, age 23 writes:

I totally love the Gucci look #2! I could def put that outfit together with stuff I already have. :) Thanks!

So you Want to Be a Fashion Designers
Jasmin, age 14 writes:

I think this helped so much! Thank you for all this super-important information!

I've been trying really hard to further my dream of being a fashion designer, and so I asked for a dress form/mannequin for Christmas, and I'm looking into trying to buy a serger. I already have a sewing machine & I design clothes on a daily basis. I'm so passionate about it. I can't wait to get a dress form/mannequin and get some fabric and just make my designs come to life! It's so exciting, I just can't wait!

I know it will be hard at times, seeing how I don't know all the tricks & stuff for sewing, but I know I will work it out & own my own boutique and fashion line! I can't help to be anything but AMBITIOUS, and I know that'll help me in the future, like you! :)

Love Actually
Destiny, age 17 writes:

Oh my goodness. This heartwarming article took my heart by storm. I'm in a long distance relationship, and I mean L0O0NG. I haven't spoken to 'my him' for this whole week, 'cuz he hasn't come online. I cried myself to sleep last night, thinking, 'Am I just a lousy option instead of a priority to this guy?' We've been together nearly 7 months. I'm going to see him soon, then I'll probably have answers to these HARD T0UGH C0NFUSING questions. I don't believe love hurts, but being alone does. Oh well, enough of me. Thanks for an amazing article. This magazine I hold near to my heart. I wish you all the best and God bless you.

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