Reader Feedback

By Stephanie Lynn, age 23, Massachusetts

May 2008

On the Cover - Meet Chelsea
Marissa, age 16 writes:

She's so beautiful! I love how she seems so real and energetic!!! Good choice for a site model!

A New Hobby
Haley, age 12 writes:

OMG, I love the way you put Sarah Dessen under your author recommendations. The first book I read by her was Just Listen and I fell in love with her writing. Also, nice article by the way. These are some of the few interesting books these days, and I appreciate someone taking the time to review books so others don't have to waste their time on others. Good job!

A New Hobby
Danielle, age 16 writes:

I've read The A-List series, Gossip Girl series, The Clique series && The It Girl series! I loved them as well and loved every minute of them until the last page!

Swimwear 2008
Brittney, age 15 writes:

Thanks for the advice. I like this article!!

Swimwear 2008
Carole, age 16 writes:

What about girls who are a little more heavy then most? Not all girls have problems with big boobs and butts. We have problems with big everything! It was a good article though.

Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Series
Haley, age 12 writes:

Wow. Everyone in my school walks around with those huge books. I always thought it was going to be some emo writer's stupid story. Thank you for changing my view on Twilight and its sequels. You'll be sure to find me reading these books this summer!

Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Series
Anne, age 12 writes:

UUUGGH! I LOVE Twilight! It's an AMAZING book! You know, they're doing a movie about it.

Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Series
Danielle, age 16 writes:

I love the Twilight series, and I'm excited for the rest of the books in the series and overly enthused about seeing the movie!

The Natural Way
See, age 16 writes:

Are you sure that the egg is going to work for your hair? Because I'm going to try it ... and also the strawberry puree.

Book Review: Just Listen
DianaBeezers, age 15 writes:

DOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!! This is sooo good. The writer of this article is seriously skilled and uses intelligent words!!!!!!! I'm definitely reading Just Listen!!!!!!!!!!

Book Review: Just Listen
Danielle, age 16 writes:

I've read this book and it is an excellent read! I enjoyed every minute, and it doesn't matter whether or not anyone knows the truth; as long as you know what happened, then you should not worry about it. Annabel knows, but still worries, and Owen shows her to not worry and just be herself, no matter what people think happened.

Book Review: Just Listen
Sarah, age 15 writes:

I think Sierra did an amazing job on this article!

The Truth about Car Accidents
Liz, age 19 writes:

You are very lucky nothing happened. My father was in a wreck and almost didn't make it. He had severe brain trauma, and had to have multiple surgeries, and just recently underwent his last one, and the wreck was in 2005. He's still suffering from it. He lost his arm & still hasn't fully dealt with the fact that he'll never have it back. People say rude things about him and I know it hurts. So you are very lucky that nothing serious happened to you! I'm glad you are okay though!

The Girl with the Broken Smile
Susanna R., age 14 writes:

I like it. I got emotional but it was a good story.

The Girl with the Broken Smile
Cynthia, age 14 writes:

I really like it.

The Girl with the Broken Smile
Kasey, age 13 writes:

This was too robotical, it didn't flow well. It could be excellent with a bit of rewording, but it was still a good piece. The emotion was nice, and the message was clear.

Loved Is Not a Word
Jennifer, age 14 writes:

Love the poem! Absolute favorite. <3

Loved Is Not a Word
Samantha, age 14 writes:

I agree with this "Loved is not a word"!!! There is no past tense of love - either you do or you never did!

Planning for College: Reading Your Way to Academic Success
Emily, age 19 writes:

Wow! Good job! I actually had to read Jane Eyre for my freshman English class.

With God in My Life
Nicole Y., age 12 writes:

That was beautiful.

With God in My Life
Kristin S., age 14 writes:

Though I respect everyone's beliefs and I think it's great that she was able to clean up her act because of religion, you are a "whole being" no matter what religion you are. I am not a "partial" being because I am not religious and I don't think that telling people that they're "partial" because they are not Christian is a kind thing to do.

Mean Girls: Viewer Reactions
Tanzz, age 15 writes:

I think they deserve years upon years in jail, or even worse, prison. What they did was appalling! It was terrible and not right or called for. They need to get punished. I feel no sorrow for them. I do feel bad for the girl. I feel as if the girls who did beat the girl up should have no mercy whatsoever. Screw them!

Standing Out & Fitting In
Brixcy, age 17 writes:

Fabulousicious! ;)

Why I Started Smoking
Nicole, age 12 writes:

I think this is a good message.

A Girl from The Big City
Kylie, age 13 writes:

HEYYYY, I love this article. I am a fashion hog from Washington!! And really all I got to say supporting WA is 80's IS BACK!!!! lol It rules to bright and bold colors!! And you gotta have black. I swear the emo rocker style is all over WA too! I love that emo look though, so yup! I dream about New York, so you keep big!!! I <3 NY

A Girl from The Big City
Amy, age 17 writes:

I didn't really like it because it just didn't make any sense to me.

An American Tragedy
Julie, age 51 writes:

Dios es amor [God is love].

My Everyday Makeup: Chelsea
Alexus, age 10 writes:

I loved this article and I tried it (Yes, I am allowed to wear makeup). It really works!!

Andrea, age 12 writes:

Hey this is great. People are always trying crazy diets and this is more realistic. I love it.

Stephanie's New Kittens
Abby, age 10 writes:

Hey, about 8 or 9 days ago my tabby cat Jazzy had only 1 kitten. I have just started looking for some cute and different names for kittens. Since they both happen to be girls I have a few good names!

"Danika". Danika has a story behind it. Danika is a girl race car driver. "lady marmalade" or "lil marmalade", "jamie", "jazzy" :] "moulin", "cleo", "smarties", and my last one, "reagon". I hope some can help you. Also, if you go to or, they also have some good names. I hope you find good names! :]

Stephanie's New Kittens
Miss.Priss, age 11 writes:

Those cats are soooooooooooooo cute!

Our New Names
Robin, age 15 writes:

Heyy, I loved this ...You should let the "kittens" type another one for this month and tell us how they are doing!!

Our New Names
Sean, age 17 writes:

Aww, I LOVE this. Putting names up for pets is a great idea!

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