Sweet Advice

By Stephanie Lynn


Two Girls, One Cute Guy

Ok, this year there was this new guy in my 2nd period class named Angel, and I asked my friend Harley if she thought he was cute, but she said no. So I was like okay, but it turned out he was in my 2nd, 3rd, and 5th period classes, and as weeks passed I found out that Harley liked him. I wasn't mad or anything. I didn't care at all. But then Angel and I started being enemies, and some more weeks passed by, and then Angel and I had agreed to be friends and start over.

As I got to know him, I started liking him for his looks and his personality. (See, Harley only has 2nd and 5th period with him, so I got to know him more.) But I don't want anyone to know that I like him.

It makes me feel real happy when I'm with him, like it's just the two of us, and when we walk together to 3rd period we always talk, and we have a lot of things in common. Our birthdays are in May, we both like wrestling, and I just can't say them all. Well, I talked to him on Myspace, and I think I may have given my secret away. We had a little chat, but I never said, "Hey Angel, I like you," but I'm afraid that Harley might find out because she says that I'm obvious.

I don't want anyone to know about my crush on him. I don't know what to do. Do you know what I should do??? Plz help.
Justiz, 13

If you like a guy, why wouldn't you want him to know? If you don't want someone else to tell him, you should just tell him yourself! Don't be worried about what people think about your crushes ... and he could possibly have a crush on you! Just tell him! But if you honestly don't want him to know, just slow down on flirting and hanging around him so much.
Mia C.

Maybe Time to Move On??

I had this thing with someone and I was in love. We would do anything and we were great, but things went downhill fast because of distance and 'cuz he changed completely. It took a lot to get over him, but I did. Now I'm so over him. But he is coming back into my life, and he has a gf, and I have a bf who lives far away as well. So do you see my two issues???
Sarah, 16

If you're so over him, then why are you worried about needing advice? Listen, girly, it takes a while to get over guys, but it happens in time. You have a boyfriend now, even though he lives further away than you'd like. It will be hard making your ex part of your life again as a friend, but you're going to have to try if that's what you want. Don't be jealous of his new girlfriend. She's getting your "sloppy seconds" (not to be rude, but it makes us exs feel better to hear things like that now and again :P ) Enjoy your new relationship and be happy. Don't worry about your ex and his new life, because you have a life of your own!!!

Live - Laugh - Love (Life's Best Meds)
Mia C.

"You Two Really Look Good Together"

Okay, so I met this guy last year, but this year we became really close friends. Then one day out of nowhere this other guy I used to be close with in the beginning of the year told me that I should go out with the guy I recently became close friends with. It was just kind of random and out of nowhere. Then I talked to my friends about it, and they said that we'd look really good together.

Then things were all complicated because I was really confused. I had the tendency to start liking guys when my friends suggested I do, so I now I really like this guy. And well, we were pretty much in the midst of all the gossip going around school and stuff. I kind of want to tell him how I feel, but I don't want to ruin our friendship. And lately it's been really weird because we've both been really busy with other stuff, so we kind of just stopped talking. And what's even more confusing is that three people told me that he likes me, but I really want to hear it from him, though I don't want to confront him. What should I do?
Lindsay, 15

Never, ever, ever date a guy just because your friends think you'd look cute together, or he's cute, or this or that. Never. It just leads to heartache for the both of you! You date someone because you have feelings for him, not because your friends think it'd be a good idea. If you want to hear it from him, then you'll have to confront him. It's a little scary or embarrassing, I know, but it's always better.

Good Luck,
Mia C.

I Cheated with My BFF's Guy

Well, I had a really close friend, and the boy she loved made out with me. At first I told him to stop, but later at the movies it got kinda outta hand && we ended up giving hickeys to each other. He always kinda got my attention, but he is a ******** ... Well, that's what everyone says ... Anyway, later that night I told my friend and she started crying and told me the worst things a friend can hear. I felt soo bad. Now she hates me and ignores me all the time, and her friend wants to beat me up because I "backstabbed" her. What should I do!?
Ariana, 12

You did the right thing by telling your friend, but remember this: friends are forever and boys are whatever. Never, ever put a guy before your friends, no matter how "great" he may seem. You need to apologize, and not just saying "I'm sorry". You really need to mean it, kinda like "proving" it. Just talk to her and explain how things got out of hand. If she's a good friend she will talk with you and try to reason.

Good Luck,
Mia C.

Hmm ... Miguel or Vince???

I'm dating this guy named Vince, and I mean I like him a lot, but before he and I got together I was talking to some guy named Miguel. Miguel and I have this chemistry between us that's like we can talk about anything, and we would flirt. Well, now that I'm with Vince everything's been going wrong. Vince and I haven't seen each other for 3 weeks. We haven't talked on the phone, and we haven't even gone out anywhere.

But the thing that gets me mad is that Vince tells me he loves me, but it's too soon for me for that. I haven't been in love, and I don't want to because I'm afraid of what might happen. Well, now that Vince and I are going out, I've been talking to Miguel more, and I talk to Miguel about what's happening between me and my bf Vince, and he tells me that I should leave Vince and go with him, but I'm scared of that because Miguel and Vince are friends, and they are in the drum line with each other, and Miguel is the captain this year.

But Vince sometimes makes me feel soo special, and so does Miguel, and I don't know what to do right now because I'm so confused about Miguel and about Vince. I've never cheated on anyone and I don't want to. Can you help me please? I think I'm going crazy.
Tayana, 16

Sounds like you and your boyfriend have hit a rough spot. All relationships have them, but if you really love someone then you can pull through it! Never be afraid of love because it's a beautiful thing, but if you're not ready for it your boyfriend shouldn't push it on you.

Remember that cheating is NEVER the answer. No matter how bad it is, never cheat. It breaks too many hearts and destroys too many good people. I'd say take a break from both guys, sort out your feelings, then decide. If both of them care for you, they will wait while you try to work out your own feelings.

Good Luck!!
Mia C.

His Family is Moving

Ok, this guy and I went out about 3 different times, and we have known each other for about 2 years. The reason why we broke up the 3rd time is 'cuz he is moving and we cannot do a long distance relationship. We are still in love with each other even though we're not together, and every time we would break up we would still act like we were going out. I love him so much, but I know it won't work if we have a long distance relationship, but we're still like best friends right now. I'm so confused. Help?!!?!??!
Brigitte, 14

The best thing for you to do is try not to be so down. Go out and meet new people, make new friends, and maybe go on a couple dates. I know it doesn't sound too awesome right now. But trust me, moving on is hard but it's usually the best thing. Just take some time for yourself to get over him, and talk to him. Keep in touch, but don't stay stuck on one guy.
Mia C.

A Whole Lotta Guy Troubles!!

Okay, there was this guy that I started falling in love with a while ago. He is black && I am white. But I'd do anything to be with him. His friends of all races think I'm good for him && he messed up by saying he doesn't like me anymore. He only doesn't like me anymore because he likes his ex again. I asked him if he liked her && he said no. I went to the movies that night && saw them together && he knew I saw && he knew that crushed me. He ignored me that whole night. He was smacking my best friend's butt && people were telling her to stop flirting with him, but she didn't. So I started talking with this guy that she happened to like about my problems because he's one of those friends I can talk to like that. Well, she was getting mad because she thought I was flirting with him, but I wasn't && he doesn't like her. She just can't understand that. Well, the guy I liked called me that night, told me he was confused earlier that day because he didn't know how to tell me he didn't like me as much as I liked him && that he liked his ex, but he didn't want to hurt my feelings because he still cares for me. We started off as friends, then started to like each other, but never went out. Well, what I am asking is, what do I do with him? && how do I tell my friend not to do that to the next guy I like? I like someone I consider my best friend && I think he knows, but I don't think he likes me. It's not like I really want to go out with him or anything, because I don't wanna be in a relationship, well, he happens to be the guy I liked's best friend. Well, I like this kid, right, but I don't think he likes me. && I'm afraid to ask because I hate rejection. What should I do? && my ex still loves me, but he has a girlfriend && I don't really have any feelings for him, but I don't want to hurt him again, so I tell him that I still have feelings for him, but he's the type that won't be my friend anymore if I told him I didn't like him. What should I do? Please help!!!
Brytt, 14

Whoa ... looks like a lot of things. First off about this guy, if he's supposed to like you, no way is he going to flirt with your best friend or go out with his ex, so my advice is to drop him like a hot cookie. I'm sorry it crushed and that your friend hurt you by doing that. But you need to talk to her and tell her that if she doesn't like the idea of you flirting with a guy she likes then she needs to return the favor and not flirt with guys you like.

It's always great to have someone to talk to about your problems, but be very careful in picking that person. If your friend doesn't believe you weren't flirting with him then she's not really that good of a friend. Friendships are built on trust. If you like a guy, tell him, because one thing I've learned - you always have to be true to your own feelings, no matter what! If you wanna know if a guy likes you just ask! Even if you're afraid of rejection. Rejection is a part of life. It's all part of growing up. We all have to face it. If you don't have feelings for someone and they think you do, tell them the truth. Don't keep them hanging, because it would hurt him so much worse!

Good Luck,
Mia C.

He Cheated on Me

I was with this boy for a year and a half, and there was no doubt that we were in love. I know people think I'm too young, but honestly age doesn't matter - it's the level of maturity. Well, anyway, last summer it ended. He cheated on me. I immediately broke up with him despite the many times he apologized and tried to call me.

Then high school started. He started to change, and so did I. We'd always had feelings for each other, despite the fact that he turned into a semi-a****** (excuse my french =X) But the thing is, when it was us 1-on-1 he acted like he always did. He and I had become best friends like we had been when we were together because we were always able to tell each other everything. My feelings had come back, and supposedly his had too.

But then this girl came along. There were other girls before that, but I knew it was me he truly loved. But this girl was different. We were actually good friends (we had met in high school, so she knew that he and I had history) She and I have a lot in common, except I'm smarter than her, and also I have more fun.

But now things have changed. He thought he should experiment with the new rather than the old. He likes this girl a lot - even I see that. We stopped talking as much as we used to, but we still do from time to time. We still have our stupid arguments where we start off being pissed off and end up laughing. For my birthday (last week) he wrote me an eight page note, and he still flirts with me from time to time. I know I'll always have a thing for him, but I don't know about him. He sends me mixed signals, but he also likes this girl a lot. Honestly, I have tried to get away from him, but I can't. Please give me your opinion and your advice. I'm torn and I won't admit it to anyone.
Celeste, 15

Lemme tell you this ... no cheating guy is worth waiting for! You seem to have a good head on your shoulders. If he wants to remain just friends, so be it! I know you still have feelings for him and all, but do like he did - get out there and see what else is there! They say if you let something or someone go, and it / they come back to you, then it's meant to be. But nowhere does it say to sit at home bored on a Saturday night. Hang out with friends, and see who the new hottie is at your school! Flirt and have a good time doing it, and don't feel bad about it either.

Mixed signals? Aren't worth your time trying to figure out! Seriously! He's trying to move on, and so should you. Don't stay stuck on one guy all your life, because it's high school. Guys will come and go. But remember, guys are whatever and friends are forever. So cut loose, have fun, and be happy about life. If his feelings were the same for you as they used to be he wouldn't act like he does now. He likes this new girl and he seems to still like you, but he doesn't know what he wants. So don't wait around on that. Let him know you're fine with or without him!

Have fun, enjoy life, && most of all SMILE!
Mia C.

His Mother Forced Him to Break it off with Me

I was dating this boy, and I care tremendously about him. His mother doesn't like me && forced him to break it off with me. He tried to argue with her about it but he lives a half hour away and she forced him to quit his job where I live, and she blocked my phone number from their house. He told me beforehand that he never wanted to lose me, and I would like to think that's true. I want to wait for him to move out of his house to be with him, but I can't talk to him to see if he thinks that is a good idea or not. What should I do? :(
Kristina, 17

I'm sorry to hear that your boyfriend's mother made him dump you. But sometimes parents do things that hurt more than just their own kids. It's hard to give advice in a situation like this, because there aren't that many resources for you. If you have any friends in common, I would have them talk to your boyfriend about what he thinks you should do. But don't wait and waste your life away, unless it's true love ... and if it is, you'll know it. If it is love between you two, I would get my parents to take me to see him and his family, so you all can talk the problem out.

Good Luck,
Mia C.

Ex Doesn't Believe New BF Exists!

I have an ex who does not believe that my new boyfriend exists! It seems silly, but it gets embarrassing when he tells people that I am making up a boyfriend. I am 15 years old and he's a year younger. He is starting to really hurt my feelings by the lies on his end. How can I cause him to immediately end his childish (and embarrassing on his end!) behavior?
Em, 15

You could confront him and tell him to stop this. It is completely ridiculous, and he's just a jealous ex-boyfriend. Stand up for yourself or he won't stop. If that fails, bring your boyfriend around to prove it for sure. His charade will hopefully blow up in his face and you can prove once and for all that this boyfriend exists.

My BF Talks About Me, But Not To Me

OK, so I have a boyfriend I think I'm obsessed with, but I know he talks about me a lot. How do I know if he really & truly likes me if he never talks to me that much at school?
Jamie, 14

Talk to him about this. Ask him why he never talks to you at school, and tell him how it makes you feel when he talks about you.

About to Be Busted?

Ok, so all my friends were talking about their boyfriends or girlfriends, and I didn't have anything to say. So I lied. I said that I had a boyfriend who went to this other school. I'm in a new club and I saw him put his name down. So I said that was him.

Bad choice. My other friend said, "I think I know him!" and someone else said "Me too!" I just smiled and said, "Probably not."

What should I do? What if they ask this kid? Will they not be my friends anymore? I'm very popular. Not to brag, but I can't afford something like this to happen! Should I keep lying? Or tell them the truth?
Angie, 14

I won't tell you "Next time, don't do this." I think you've learned the lesson that lies have a way of catching up with you! But what should you do? I mean, besides telling the whole truth, which could be good for a laugh if you're secure enough to laugh at yourself.

I guess I'd say nothing more on the subject. If someone asks about your "boyfriend", act as if it's a totally unimportant thing, and say something like, "Oh yeah, that didn't work out." Then shut up and say nothing more. If they say, "But I talked with him, and he doesn't even know you /or/ know what you're talking about," then say "I said it was him 'cuz I didn't want to say who it REALLY was. It doesn't matter now anyway, 'cuz we broke up."

Above all, Angie, learn the important life lesson here. Impressing people isn't worth it. Being yourself and being honest works out much better in the long run. Trust me on this.
♥ Stephanie Lynn

I Want More Than Being Friends

Ok, well, I met this guy through one of my friends about a year ago. We were like instant friends and got along extremely well. He became like my best friend and all, but then we both started liking each other and we started dating. Well, we dated for a month maybe, and then we broke up. We were still good friends and fell for each other again, but then I found out he was going out with another girl, while he told me, "Oh, I miss you," and all that type of stuff. Then we dated again ... and broke up... and now I just can't seem to get over him. We are still like best friends, but I really want to be more ... and it's so hard to talk to him like we are friends still. I just don't know what to do. Help ... please!
Paige, 14

If you two have already broken up two times, it seems as if he can't stay in a relationship that long. He even had a girlfriend and he was telling you that he missed you. He could have done the same thing to other girls while you two were together. This guy is not right for you. You should find a better guy because you deserve better.

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Waiting All Year for Him to Talk to Me

I really like this guy I've known for about a year. We were friends, but he never really talked to me a lot. He rides my bus and says hi to me sometimes, but I feel like he doesn't really like me. I like him a lot, but I don't know what to do. I am totally confused and sooo tired of waiting for him to actually speak to me. I've been waiting for him ever since I met him because I like him so much, but now I feel hopeless and don't know what to do because he's moving next year to a new school, and I don't have that many times left to talk to him. What should I do????
Tracy, 13

Next time you're on the bus, sit next to him. Maybe he is just really shy and you need to make the first move. Ask for his IM username if he has one.

He Likes "The Fake Me" Better

There's this boy I really love, yet when I told him I did, he told me he didn't love me back. I accepted that, but I just wanted to know what he really thought about me. So I created a fake chat account and told some friends about it. I started talking to him and he seemed to like me (that is, the fake me). I acted normally, as I would have acted myself. He seems to like me more than when I spoke to him as myself.

He said he didn't love me back because of my appearance. I took it a little hard, but was ok with it afterwards. Now I still speak to him from that fake account and haven't told him it's really me yet! The thing is, he wants to actually meet this "fake me". I'm so confused. I want to end it, but I simply can't 'cuz when I'm speaking to him as the so-called "fake me" I feel so happy. Please help me!
Genna, 15

Why would you want to talk to a guy in your fake account if you know that he doesn't like you because of your appearance? He seems like a bit of a jerk to me! Maybe you should get him back by using your fake account, and tell him that you don't want to meet him because you don't have feelings for him because of his appearance.

I don't know about the revenge thing, but Stacie makes a good point ... Why would you want to be with a guy who doesn't want to be with you??
♥ Stephanie Lynn

The "C" Word

I was talking to this guy a while back, and just when it seemed like we were really going to get together, he told me that he didn't see how it could work, and he didn't want to be disappointed again. We've talked somewhat since then, but lately he won't answer my phone calls, so I decided just to get over it. I'm doing good, but I'd still like to know if he really meant what he said, and didn't want to get hurt and maybe still likes me, or if it was just an excuse to get rid of me.
Caitlin, 14

In our lives we meet different kinds of people, and we learn that some are different than others. Some are brave and can take a challenge, while others are that way at first, but then when they come to commitment they are just cowards! Some boys tend to be too proud of themselves to "fall" for girls, and they just want the girls to ask them out.

This guy may have come through some hard dating situations, and is afraid to commit himself once more. He might still like you though! Don't give up on him. But if you have decided to get over him, well, good for you, but as your feelings may show, you may still want him deep down!

If this guy really wants you he'll come up to you one day. Ignore him for now, but don't actually forget him. Some guys just need time, and if he still wants you, he'll get to you some way or somehow! So just chin up, and hold your head high like nothing's happened, and let this guy know that with or without him you're still you and as strong as ever!

Classic Long Distance Relationship Dilemma

Okay, so I've been going out with my boyfriend for almost three months, and then I moved to another state. We were in love and everything, and I don't know if I'm going to be able to see him for a while because we live so far away. These really nice guys have been asking me out, and I don't know if my boyfriend wants to wait for me or if he wants to see other people. So should I break it off with my boyfriend and move on, or should stay with him in a long distance relationship?
Coretta, 14

Hmm, well, honestly I understand you cared about the guy, but let me lay the honest truth and facts out for you. Being that you are in different states will cause a ton of problems. Long distance relationships hardly ever work.

Also, being that you're 14, you have a lot of dating time ahead of you before you will truly find someone to stay with. These new guys may be a good option for you. They may treat you as well if not better than your current boyfriend AND will be close to you. I am not saying that your current guy is bad or anything. I am just trying to be practical with you.

Long distance relationships are hard and take a lot of time and work. If you don't have that then moving on would be in your best interests.
Sincerely, Lauren

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Too Shy to Ask Him

Ok, so there is this guy, and he is always really sweet and funny and totally perfect, but he has never been the kind of guy to make the first move, and I am too shy to ask!! I looked at your advice to one girl, and you said to have a friend ask him about it, but he doesn't have any friends I could trust with that info!! HELP!!!
Brittany, 17

If you are too shy to take the chance yourself then there is always the "beat around the bush idea", where you can flirt with him and ask him about girls and who he likes. Just make it a casual conversation, then slowly lead it to asking him who he likes. You may not want to ask him in that first conversation, but instead talk to him for a few days and lead into the same convo after a few days have passed. For instance, if he has had past girlfriends: "So don't you have a new girlfriend ...?"

If he says idk, then just ask, "Well, do you like anyone?" If he says yes, then ask who. This way you don't actually ask him, but at the same time you do. But take your time and lead up to it. It's an idea.
Sincerely, Lauren

Stalker Dude ... Or Does He Just Like Her?

Okay, well, there is this guy from America, and he keeps messaging me, and I have no clue who he is. And now he thinks I'm trying to go out with him. I said, "But you live far away," and then he messaged me back and asked "Will you go out with me?" and another one saying "Can I have your phone number so I can call you?"

I didn't give it to him, and I said I don't know about going out with him. I didn't give him my phone number 'cuz how can I trust someone so far away? Well, my question is: What should I do about him? He keeps asking me out and asking for my number, but there is a year difference between us too. What should I do????
Kelly, 13

At your age you are prey to many people on the internet. They see you as naive. Delete and block this person. If you don't know him, then don't give him any information. You may think it's mean to block people, but why risk your safety? He may be a bored teen, but hey, why risk him being some loony? Protect yourself and worry about him later.
Sincerely, Lauren

It is never good to give out any personal information to someone you don't know. You never know who he really is. If I were you I wouldn't give him my number. If he keeps on bothering you create a new messenger screen name, and add all your friends but him to your list, and delete your old username.

Just a Player?

I have been with this lad for 7 weeks now, but it is like I don't exist to him. He acts all different when this other lad is around, saying I am hitting on him, when he knows that I am not. I catch him lying to me a lot, and he always lets me down when he promises me he won't.

The other day I rang him, and a girl answered claiming to be his girlfriend. When I asked him he said he didn't have a clue, as he slept round his cousin's house. I want to believe him, but a part of me is telling me not to. I love him to death. What should I do?
Kelly, 16, UK

I understand you care about him, but honestly, he isn't worth your time. I mean another girl shouldn't be answering your phone. Then he is also letting you down all the time. If you have only been together for a short amount of time and he is already doing this, he just sounds like a player to me. Hate to be blunt, but hey, find another guy. Someone else can treat you a WHOLE lot better and won't let you down.
Best of Luck, Lauren

I Like a Famous Person

Okay, I know this is out of hand, but I like a famous person. But not that kind of like. I would like him if he wasn't famous at all. I think about him more than I think about myself. I see past all that stuff. I like who he is. He's funny, nice, and has an awesome personality. I just don't know how I'll live. I don't care if he's famous or all the touring he has to do. I just want to be with him as much as possible. I understand how busy he is. I just need some help.
Cierah, 13

I'm going to assume he's in a band, right? And maybe you met him at one of his concerts? How old is he? Have you met with him more than once? Feel free to fill in some of these details, but if he tours professionally, this is a crush, the thing that makes the dreams of pre-teens and early teens. It's alright. It's normal. Enjoy it. But remember, you're 13. Just don't ignore your real friends, your family, your grades, and so on - all the parts of your real world. When I was 14, I was madly in love with actor Erik von Detten. (Okay, so maybe you've never heard of him.) But my real world involved starting high school, then college.
♥ Stephanie Lynn

Is This Just His Way of Getting My Attention??

I recently broke up with my boyfriend, because he would pressure me into doing some things, and I felt as if I didn't get any space. We were together for about a year and a half. Well, now that we've broken up he's tried to ask me out, and I've said 'I want to be friends', but he doesn't. So now he's been telling my best friend he's had a crush on her for a while, and he's been telling another of my best friends that she's hot and that he likes her and wishes she would feel the same. What is he trying to do? Does he really like one of them, and he never liked me, or is it a way of trying to get my attention?
Glitter, 14

Three possibilities: 1) he's trying to get your attention, as in he wants you back, 2) he's trying to make you jealous in a hurtful, vindictive, in-your-face way ("I got your BFF, and you got nobody, so who's the loser now?"), or 3) he just hits on LOTS of girls. What do YOU think?? (No matter which, it seems to me you can do better.)
♥ Stephanie Lynn

Long Distance Relationship Issues

Ok, well I've been talking to this one guy for like about 5-6 months, and I would be his girl, but I live across the United States from him, but I'm going back. But just recently we got in a big fight because he read my messages and everything, and he kinda found some things out about me and my ex-boyfriends! And so he stopped talking to me for a while, and well we're still talking and everything, but he doesn't say I love you like he used to, and everything seems so different! WHAT SHOULD I DO???
Kristina, 14

First off, he lives across the United States, and it would be so hard to keep a long distance relationship. Second, if he really liked you, he wouldn't have invaded your privacy and read your emails! That shows a sign of not being able to trust people.

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He Has a GF & Likes Me Too

(2 cases - same issue)

Ok ... I was at a party one day, and I danced with this boy. I saw him on Myspace, but never wrote him or anything. Now that we started talking on the phone I'm starting to like him a lot. But the problem is that he's in a relationship. I told him how I felt, and he said he has feelings for me too. What should I do?
Danzy, 15

First off, if he is already in a relationship and is liking someone else, he would probably most likely do the same thing to you if you two got together. I don't think it would be a good idea for you two to go out - you deserve someone better.

I have this problem. I really like this guy. I don't know why. I chat with him a lot. He told me he really likes me too, but I don't know if it's true. He asked me out, but I didn't answer him because the problem is that he has a girlfriend, and she's one of my closest friends. Even if they break up, I can't do that to her. How can I get over this?
Jen, 13

If you go out with him there is a big chance he will do the same thing to you, and you don't deserve to get hurt. If you really like him, and it's hard to get over him, just think, "Is this more pain than it would have been if he'd left you for someone else?"

What's more, if she is one of your closest friends, as you say, it's not worth losing a friendship over ... not to mention all the people this girl may try to turn against you when she gets mad at you for trying to steal her BF. On the other hand, once they break up, you owe her nothing more. Go for it if you want.
Stephanie Lynn

Everybody Hates Him

Okay ... I have this boyfriend that I've been going out for 5 months. Everybody hates him, but I think he's the world to me. Everybody wants me to break up with him. I don't want to, but now my friends hate me 'cause I won't break up with him. I don't know what to do.
Ashley, 13

So here is my question to you: Is he really a good guy, or is there a good reason your friends want you to break up with him? If he has done something like cheat on you or is saying mean things about you, then your friends are right, but if it's jealousy of him, then it's a different story.

They may not like him because he is taking up all of your time and they feel like they can't hang out with you or talk to you without you bringing him up or bringing him along, and in that case your friends are at wrong, but so are you. In that case you need to give them more attention and balance your friends and boyfriend a bit more.

So basically find out what your friends' reasons are, and decide from there. If their intentions are good, then listen to them; if it's just jealousy, then help yourself and them.
Sincerely, Lauren

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